How to find rent housing and flats on budget

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Buying a house in your local area has its own perks. But how many of us can buy a house before we are 30. And to summaries I can say I pay rent. Living in local areas or student accommodations both have their own process and housing costs.

If you are a student, you can easily apply for dorm rooms. But if you compare the rent between these and in a near location, you’ll find cheap apartments or beds locally. The student hostels are managed by university authorities and they have their own source of security protocols to protect students. But in nearby areas, you can rent an apartment by yourself or share them between roommates as well.


Apartment for rent, as a renter you have to have some pre-required documents and contacts as well as a budget. An average median spends 30% of their gross income on rental per month. If you earn $1,500 a month in the west, you can spend $400-$450 on rent every month.

If you don’t want to pay rent, you can always lease a house. This will require a bit of extra money and will include taxes and insurances.

Prerequisite items needed before looking apartment for rent:


If you have a student visa, you need to find a work permit and show it to the landlords


If you don’t have a work permit show them your visa and bank statement


If you are a, submit your employer’s permit to ensure them that you have a stable job


You just have to show that you have a stable source of income


You might need to add a copy of your passport or I’d card

Ensuring all these, now let’s talk about finding you an affordable apartment for rent. To find affordable housing is to save money. And to save money you need to think about all the other products like gas.

Now here are the things to consider to find an affordable apartment for rent:


Look for the distance between your workplace or college and your residential area. If the workplace is close you’ll get there quickly and even save some gas. Look for free public transportation like bus or subway. A major way to afford renters.


Areas close to college will obviously cost more. But if your apartment is too far, the rent may be cheap, but you will have to pay more on less or free public transportation. The amount will exceed your amount. So choose something in between this location. Where you have the rent you can actually pay and minimize your transportation fee as well.


College halls and dorm rooms might cost more than local accommodations but they are considered for a safe environment for students. They have a set of rules and they are close to the college. The security will be maintained. Locally, landlords don’t care much about the security and it totally depends on the roommates to look after the apartment and property.


Some areas are considered a safe space, some are not. In safer areas obviously, the maintenance cost will be higher. But for less safe neighborhoods the rent might be down but you need to consider safety. Listings in a nice neighborhood location are most crucial sometimes.

The budget:

Always, always consider your budget. Do not exceed the amount you can afford to find cheap apartments. Always check your financial stability and spending and maintain a linear equation between them.


This is the best way to see popular searches and make your apartment beds affordable is to look for a roommate. All the costs will be shared and even beds and baths and it will have more security. If it is not a cheap apartment, make it one.

Pets and other amenities:

Only pay for the bills that you actually use. Look if the apartment allows pets and have wheelchair access if needed and have.

These are the things to consider before you rent an apartment. Now there are some possible ways to get a cheap apartment for rent and to share beds to save money. Some ideas and tips have to be applied to find your perfect housing.

Housing and flats

Here are some of the tips for finding an affordable apartment:

  1. Never exceed your 30% financial abilities. Always stick to it. And try to include all the bills in it. The percentage might increase to 40%. But it will have all of your necessary monthly bills included.
  2. Look for a fine landlord. Some of them don’t really care about the property and just look forward to the rent. Avoid them. A good landlord will solve most of your staying and maintaining problems.
  3. Make sure to read contact papers before you sign them. Ask then about every detail and taxes. Make sure that the landlords pay for the process of maintaining the house.
  4. Bills and amenities cost. Some apartments can include a washing machine and dishwasher and fridge. And they all include different payments. Even the monthly electric bill can be incorporated with them and cause it to rise. Only pay for the things you will use. And add them to your contract.
  5. Find a place where you can share beds. There are different types of apartments in the USA. The studio apartment beds come with a bathroom and kitchen. Double bedrooms have a double bed and single bedrooms have a ¾ small bed in a small room. In some apartments, you might have to share the bathroom and kitchen. In some, you might have to share only the kitchen. The rentals will vary from that. Studio apartments will rent higher than double bedrooms and single bedrooms will cost the least.
  6. The place. If you’re renting in a city, the rent will be obviously higher than in the countryside. For USA Hawaii and California has the highest average rent of $1,617 and $1,503. The lowest is Montana with an average rent of $678. New York has an average of $1,280. So, the city you are going to live in will definitely affect the rent you are paying.
  7. A house or an apartment. The apartments have security and monthly maintenance costs. But if you rent a house you can escape those and can even get a lawn with the house. Houses are nice to raise a family. A small family house can be cheap. And if the area is a bit offside and remote, the rent will be cheaper too.

So, to rent a house consider all of these ideas and choose what’s best for you. But for all of this you need to look for rentals. To find rentals you can go either classic on road or the more easy, websites.

Websites are of various kinds and are mainly organized by a rental agency. They maintain their standard renter and rental protocols and secures a connection between the renters and landlords.

Here are some of the websites that you can use to find cheap apartments for rent:


These websites start with search page data. You just need to type the city you are looking for renting an apartment. There are featured houses that come with pictures and all the accessories connected to them. This even shows the rooms available in the building for related renters. You can check out the availability of cheap apartments for rent through a small form application and see if you qualify as a renter.


This website can be accessed on an android phone as well. You can search the city or the area for the last updated information. This will show rooms report with pictures and views and if you could, include all bills. This has the option of a studio or 2 or more bedrooms and shows the baths and kitchens too. There’s a detailed map and just through a related email address, you can contact the realtor.


This will show you houses, apartments and you can search even by zip code prices. Has different options for different jobholders. Even an option for pet owners. You can set a price range as well. And shows you the exact map too. Sign in or mail or call them. And they’ll reach out to you.


This a global renting agency. Comes with pictures and features of the apartment for renters and lease. You can compare the rents and follow up through email. It also shows apartments last updated available in the same building. And has their price range to compare in your financial spending.


This website will show houses for rent and buying reports. There are houses with pools and balconies and rooms with bathrooms as well. So you can browse and insert a price range. This will ensure you show a suitable apartment for rent or lease.



You can buy and sell and rent your apartments on this website. Shows you the beds, baths, area, and approximate apartment for rent. There is obviously a picture available but you can send them a mail requesting a detailed description and ask if you qualify.


This will show you apartments for renters all over the world. Start with the cheap apartment you are looking for and I got one shared on for $450 living in the west. You can apply via mail. The amenities are included and have built-in furniture, beds, and baths too. You can get insurance to secure your investment. You can apply for a lease as well. And most importantly you can negotiate.


This will show you rooms in different cities and will show the last updated available apartments all over the town by just one search. Will show the beds with baths, area, and also availability on the market property. You can contact the agency and book a personal tour or just book online.


This also comes with a search data page and has affordable studio flats. You can calculate your income and place and this will show you the apartments report that you can afford to pay. Besides you can popular search the Cities to look for your apartment in need.


You can look for flats in different cities around America. Has a picture of the apartment and has a description and map around the house. You can directly contact the landlord by mail and browse availability. Some are fully furnished and some are not. You can apply easily.



On this website, you can easily search data by the city and move-in date. Look for single rooms, studio apartments, one-bedroom shared apartments, etc on your budget. There are also rooms available with housemates to share the loft. There’s also a way of sharing a bathroom and kitchen.

All of these sites will give you a clear idea about the room beds and apartments around the country and you can select the place by comparing them and can also get an idea about the distance from your work and college.

The closer you are to the town center, the apartment or housing properties rent will be more. Because that’s where all the business and marketing happens. Supermarkets are also in the town center. So to secure cheap apartments select a housing far from the town center but not too far, that you will cover up the saved money by transportation fare.

Due to various economic situations, the rental property changes. So always check for the last updated version on various websites and if you really like one just mail the proprietor for updates. Last updated rents can go down on various occasions and you can usually score a nice room or property at a cheap price.

So, always keep your budget in your mind and look for something that will be an affordable and comfortable property.