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Agriculture and Mechanical College of Texas is known as A&M university or Tamu. They are known as Aggies. It is situated in dr college station tx 77840. The university has undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students for every semester. The current student is almost sixty-nine thousand for the current(fall’ 19) semester.

College station tx 77840 might be the home of aggies but the enrolment of students every year is huge. Dr college station Texas is a city consisting of twenty-one thousand families. It’s situated in between Houston, Austin, and Brazos Valley. This large metropolitan area has all kinds of people living but dominated by the university. Especially Texas A&M University campus and Bryan Texas campus.

So the place is stuffed with both university and public schools. So there is a need for residential houses for both these groups. Texas A&M University has its own campus halls with different lofts. Some of the halls are preserved for corp cadets.

Apartments near Texas

Texas A&M University is one of the largest military universities in the United States of America with George Bush library. They have their own NBA championship, notable alumni’s, and their very own traditions.

Living on Texas university residential hall:

Most of the students live within the university lofts in Dr College station TX 77840. A standard 1 bedroom will cost almost a thousand dollars a month per person. Whereas a premium room will cost thirty dollars more than a standard one per person. Two bedrooms and one-bathroom apartment will cost a hundred dollars more than the standard one. There are rooms with a patio. This will cost almost two thousand dollars a month. The garden apartments with 1-bed and bathroom will be almost thousand dollars and two-bedroom will cost thirteen hundred dollars a month per person. There are also different kinds of halls for students with double rooms, single rooms with semi-private, suite bathrooms, etc. They are situated on the west, north, and south side of the campus. The price range varies for the short semester.

So if you are a student of Tamu you will need to spend an average of three to six thousand dollars every year on accommodations. About twenty percent of students of Texas A&M University live within the college station TX 77840 campuses.

Now let’s talk about the eighty percent of students in University. Most of the students of Texas A&M University and Bryan TX live in the metropolitan area and holds jobs under the university or schools.


Besides the student Texas a m university almost ha five thousand faculties. They all live near the Dr college station. The location is very close to the campus, almost a walk distance.

Most of the residential area outside the campus is private property held by the local people of college station TX 77840. They have different amenities included and can be rented by different realtors.

Districts to live in college station TX 77840:


The name itself is derived from the north side of Tamu. It’s closest to the north side of the college main gate. So most of the students and faculties of A M University live in Northgate and every year “north by the Northgate” music festival is held. So the place has its significance for the Texas A&M University campus. The rd college station TX has the route through Northgate and the university has its own bus transportation. This place has the most bars and pubs and restaurants in the whole of college station TX 77840. They also hire college students for help. There are regular concerts and night shows and all with mostly college students.


The place is a rail construction area. So most of the community stays here for work purposes only. This far from the university.

Wolf Pen Creek Park

Wolf pen creek:

This one is more like an entertainment area rather than a residential area. There are several parks and venues for recreation.

If dr college station TX 77840 was a country Northgate will definitely be its capital. The capital is ruled by Bryan TX and the Texas A&M University campus.

To reduce the cost of living most students and families rent near the Texas A&M University campus. The cost is rather low and includes more amenities than the university itself.

Here are the reasons why you should think about apartments for rent near the university:

Student living:

A student has to pay almost three to six thousand a semester for a 1 bed and one bathroom with no kitchen. That’s almost six hundred to two thousand dollars a month. But in the local area, you can rent a 1 bed and shared bathroom for just three hundred dollars a month.


Student apartments don’t have a private kitchen. It’s a community kitchen. But in local community buildings, you will get Wi-Fi, a fitness center, pool, coffee bar, volleyball and basketball court, etc. They have a bus route for Tamu as well. The apartment has a balcony, patio, fridge, washer-dryer, microwave, and air conditioning. So it’s all in one. And costs a lot less.


Students who live on the campus are mainly to save time and it’s easy to reach classes. A walk will cover your distance. But to save on transportation fees, most students pay a lot extra. A&M university has its own bus route and there you can also lease or rent a bicycle. This will go inside and outside of the campus. If you have a car you can always park them on the campus. This will cost almost three thousand dollars a year. But the transportation route is very much easy.


Most students of A&M College and Bryan TX usually live in the Northgate district. The place is full of the local community and student community. There are several restaurants and pubs and nightclubs. So if you are thinking of renting apartments near the university then you should definitely consider the area and facilities. The local community also hires students of the colleges. So there’s no hard way to get a work permit in the area.


Local community amenities are much exciting than the university ones. Obviously, the student halls are maintained and secured by the university council and they are strict while making sure no fowl products are found in the university unit floors. But the community amenities are huge. They have their own fitness center, private pools, bbq bars, coffee bars, etc. Even the 1 bedroom apartments near Texas College are well furnished and comfortable. The community kitchen can be very gathering. Well, you just have to share your kitchen with four or five roommates or less.

A&M Collage

These are some of the reasons you should really consider rent near the university rather than within the campus. The outside setting can be very helpful and generous in your lifestyle.

Now let’s talk about things you need to remember before you rent in dr college station TX:

  1. Look for houses or apartments secured and maintained under a local community. This will ensure any to retract from any sort of unpleasantness. Also, this will connect you to a particular group of people.
  2. Apartments with one bedroom and attached bathroom and kitchen are more likely studio apartments. Studio apartments cost more than one or three-bedroom apartments with a shared kitchen or bathroom. As the studio ones are more private.
  3. Look for roommates among friends. This can help in a lot of ways. Even in academics.
  4. Find your best way of transportation. If you have a car already. You can park it in the university or outside. Within the campus, parking will definitely cost more. There are always buses available for Tamu from outside the camp. So you need to find an apartment within that route. If you don’t have one, you can always borrow or lease a bicycle from the university.
  5. Tamu offers their own sources of jobs to students to help them with their tuition fees. Though they have several jobs to offer, you can always check the local community for a flexible job. University jobs will surely be flexible but will pay less. So particular apartment you rent near Texas A&M has to be close to your job.
  6. Sometimes the bill can double without you even touching them like a washer dryer. So be careful about how you maintain the property.
  7. Look for a good rental with a nice lad in charge. This can change a lot of things for your living and the property will be maintained properly by them.
  8. A&M University is the central point of college station TX 77840. The far you live from the college the more the rent will reduce. But you might not find a route for bus or cycle. So choose an intermediate place.
  9. Make sure you compare the prices of rent between two different places and choose which is more suitable and the one you can surely pay every month.
  10. Always make sure to read the documents properly before you sign them and enquire about the deposit of the apartment and amenities bills and taxes.

Apartments in Texas

So, you can easily find yourself a suitable 1 bedroom or two or three bedrooms with shared, semi-shared or no shared bathroom and kitchen. Whatever suits your mind?

Now let’s talk about finding those particular bedroom apartments in the college station area. The college station is named as there are too many colleges and schools in the area. Though Texas A&M and Bryan tx are the core, there other public schools as well.

Students and families move near college station tx for educational and job purposes. If you are moving from Austin or Houston to the college station, I suggest you book your apartment in advance.

There are lots of ways to find an apartment. Some want to share one, some don’t. You can always call a local realtor. But websites are easy in this situation. Most of the websites are agency-based and easy to reach out to.

Here are some websites you can use to search for apartments for rent near Texas A&M University:

Crossing place:

This is particularly a website for community-based student living. They’ll show you particular houses with shared roommates. This shows community amenities like pool, washer-dryer, etc. as well as one or two or three-bedroom apartments in Rd College station TX and bryan TX. The rent is cheaper and there’s a picture of the area and the room. You have to pay them thirty dollars a month in advance.


This place will show different houses, apartments, lofts, for rent in Bryan TX, and the in college station TX area. This also shows pictures and facilities and other equipment. Has detailed description of how the apartment feels like and about the advance Payments as well. This one shows the floor plan too.

Cherry Street:

This website is particularly to search for the apartments and housings in Northgate, college station. They have a live messenger chat option and a form for them to contact you directly. Comes with pictures, floor plans, a fitness center, and units of the apartments.


You can customize your search by putting up your budget and this will show you the places that you can afford. There are lots of different places with prices and pictures and details of accessories.

Texas of university


This one comes with a map-based search apartment listing near college station TX. They have different pictures and prices showing up with floor plans. You can also request to buy a property. The detail will enlighten how you want your apartment or house to look like.

There are all the ways you can hunt down your perfect place in college station TX. A perfect apartment will ensure your academic motivation and success. This can be also relieving.

Texas A&M College is quite affordable and has a military background. The students follow the protocols and traditions of the college dearly. That’s why most of them prefer to live on the campus to stay more connected. But even if you are outside the campus you will spend the majority of your time within the university area spending time in dine ins, burger joints, and bars.