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Kelley @ Samuels Ave

Kelley @ Samuels Ave Apartments

Kelley @ Samuels Ave is located at the bay of Trinity River. From downtown, it is located a few minutes away so, it is easy to reach. It has an aim to provide you the elaborate and luxurious life style to fill happiness to your life. At this platform, you will find several floor plans and you can feel independent to choose the best one according to your demands. Each floor plan will vary in size and bedrooms. Feel free to choose the one that will never affect your budget. Don’t forget to take the help of our Fort Worth Apartment Locators at TX High Risers by calling 832-503-5866 to find the best apartment for you.

The Kelley at Samuels - Humphreys & Partners Architects, L.P.

The Location Of Kelley @ Samuels Ave Is Just Perfect

Kelley @ Samuels Ave is perfect from the perspective of location because everything new is near. You can reach to the targeted destination in no time. You will have a wonderful experience by spending your days there. The location of the Kelley @ Samuels Ave is much peaceful as it is located in the most peaceful and quite area. All the shopping locations are nearby. The apartments are nice that are having every facility for you. Take your friends with you and keep on enjoying the nearby places with an ease.

Kelley @ Samuels Ave Special Features

Some of the amazing features of the apartment include:

  • floor plans
  • refined designs
  • luxury amenities
  • Private garage
  • And much more

Kelley @ Samuels Ave Amenities

Kelley at Samuels Ave has number of amenities for you. Let us have a closer look on them.


As Kelley at Samuels Ave contains number of floors, having an access to the elevator is the perfect chance to give convenience to the users. You don’t need to be tired, use the elevators whenever needed to reach to the targeted floor. It will not only help you to keep yourself safe from tiredness but will also save your time. Reach your targeted floor by just an ease.


Do you wish to keep the look of the apartment wider? Kelley at Samuels Ave can give you this facility by adding backyard into your apartment. You can grow several plants there or can keep hens and chickens there to get healthy food. These backyards allow you adopt a healthier lifestyle in the apartments of Kelley at Samuels Ave.

The Perfect Interior

If you don’t wish to compromise on the outlook of the apartments, Kelley at samuels ave can give you the best experience regarding this. its fully furnished and highly-stylish interior will add more beauty and attractiveness to your lifestyle. Its interior looks perfect with its sophisticated color scheme.

Full-Sized Washer

Do you wish to make washing easy? You can have an access to full-sized washer and dryers. Make your work easy. The aim of the Kelley at samuels ave is to give you the comfortable and easiest lifestyle that someone can ever wish for.

What’s More To Offer?

Kelley at samuels ave has something more to offer you. Let us have a closer look, what these offers are:

  • Under-Counter Cabinet Lighting
  • Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Refrigerators
  • Undermount Sinks
  • Dual Vanities
  • Separate Showers
  • Soaking Tubs of garden-style
  • Linen Closets
  • Contemporary Fixtures
  • perfect Floor Plans for open and spacious areas

Are you still worried about getting the most appropriate and perfect apartment for you, don’t forget to contact the Fort Worth Apartment Locators at 832-503-5866 or go to get a list and fill out the form, they are the best guiders.

Kelley @ Samuels Ave Community Amenities

Let us discuss what community amenities Kelley at Samuels Ave has for you:

Exclusive Resident Library

Exclusive Resident Library is one of the best opportunities for the community of the Kelley at Samuels Ave. here; you will get numerous books to enhance your knowledge. Of course! It will be the best experience to have your own library within the department.

Gaming Room

Kelley at Samuels Ave, you will have separated gaming rooms where you can enjoy playing. It will be the best experience for the game lovers. There is no need to go outside for playing games. You can enjoy the games within the apartment.

WI-FI Service

You will get the fast internet access for 24 hours. Get the advantage of fast browsing at your own apartment.

Infinity-Edge Pool

Some people love to use pool while others don’t wish to use them. If you are one of them, who love to use pools, Infinity-Edge Pool is the best opportunity for them. Either you wish to have the facility of sunbath or wish to enjoy bathing at pool; Kelley at Samuels Ave is here to provide you the best facility regarding this.

What Is More?

Are you curious to know, what are more community amenities for you Kelley at Samuels Ave? Let us inform you with few of them:

  • Scenic Lawn
  • Bike Shop & Storage
  • Fitness Center to keep you healthy
  • Outdoor Kitchen for your convenience
  • Dog Park
  • Fully Controlled Access Gates

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy such an amazing community amenities Kelley at Samuels Ave.

Are Pets Allowed In Kelley @ Samuels Ave Or Not?

In Kelley at Samuels Ave offers the pet-friendly apartments. Let us inform you if these apartments have any restrictions about the pets.

  • In each apartment, more than two pets are not allowed
  • They care of your love and care with your pets and will give you the best facilities regarding this
  • You should pay some dollars for getting the services and facilities for your pets

Do you wish to take your living standard to next level, don’t forget to take the services of Kelley at Samuels Ave. They are offering you the numberless facilities at one place. There is no need to present physically, choose the appropriate apartment online but before that you must check the availability. Choosing this platform is best because it is full of refined designs, offering the best floor plans, and the luxury amenities for the users.


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