Mag & May Apartments

Mag & May Apartments In Fort Worth, TX

Every person wants to live a peaceful and comfortable place where he/she can have all the facilities that is necessary to live a happy life. No one wants to move to any place where there are not many facilities and they have to suffer from different issues. Well, the Fort Worth Apartment Locators offer the best services in this regard. It locates the best apartments available in the city and helps you out to make a deal with the owner of those apartments. One of the best places to live in Fort Worth, TX is Mag and May apartments. It is designed according to the modern facilities that will make you quite comfortable to live with your family.

Mag & May Apartments

Mag & May building



Mag & May kitchen

Mag & May Apartments Amenities


Mag and May apartments offer patio/balconies at every room where you can chill out and have a cup of tea with your friends and family. All of these balconies are incorporated with small chairs and table that will facilitate you to enjoy a lovely evening with your loved ones.

Harwood Floor

Each apartment is equipped with hardwood flooring. Every corner of each apartment is perfectly covered with a good quality hardwood that is quite reliable that it will long-last for couple of years. It does not offer any kind of issue because it is highly resistant to water and other harmful substances. It does not absorb stains and can be cleaned easily with a moderate cleanser.


There is a huge garage in the basement of Mag and May apartments building. It is quite a huge garage that can support 2 vehicles of each apartment in the building. In this case, you don’t have to find any spare garage out of the society to park your vehicle. Additionally, if you have a party at your apartment or any kind of meet up, then you don’t have to worry to park the vehicles of your guests because the garage under these apartments is quite huge that can support hundreds of vehicles at one time.

Stainless Steel

Almost every equipment or appliance that is been fixed in the Mag and May apartments is made with stainless steel. There is barely any equipment in Mag and May apartments that you will find manufactured in any other material because Mag and May want to offer the best services to its customers. So, the basic reason of using stainless steel is that this material is quite a reliable and long-lasting so that you will not feel any kind of problem or issue in the equipment for a long time.

Mag & May Apartments Air-Conditioning

Another one of the basic features that you will get in Mag and May apartments is air-conditioning. Almost every apartment incorporates air-condition which is quite the best features considered among all. As you know that the place where these apartments are situated becomes quite hot in summer season. It becomes quite difficult to live in an apartment without air-condition during summer. So, because of this feature, these apartments are highly preferred by lots of people.

Mag & May Apartments High-Speed Internet

Another one of the greatest features that you will get in Mag and May apartments is high-speed internet. There are lots of apartment that does not offer this facility to the customers which make them quite undesirable to those customers because internet is one of the basic requirements that every person want. In Mag and May, a high-speed internet service is available which make these apartments quite unique from others.

Pets Are Allowed In Mag & May Apartments

Pets are also allowed in Mag and May apartments. You can keep 2 pets with you in your apartment. Each apartment is constructed in a way that it does not offer any kind of issue to your pets. These are quite pets-friendly apartments and encourage people that keep pets with them.


Mag and May are situated at the ideal location of the city. It is quite near to different popular schools of the city.

Most of the time it happens that people leave their homes and start living in apartments but still they have to face a lot of problem because there are not found any popular school available that can offer quality education to children. In this case, parents have to take their children to such places where their children can get quality education, and in this way, there issues increase because they have to pay extra expenses for the transportation of their children.

This thing will not appear to happen if you are living in Mag and May because you will find all the popular schools near Mag and May apartments. In this way, you don’t have to worry about their transportation because your children can easily get to the school by walking to it.


Another one of the most essential facility offered by Mag and May apartments is healthcare. Healthcare is also one of the most important things to consider while getting an apartment. What if that you get the apartment at such place where there is no hospital available nearby. In this case, there will quite a problem if you get into any kind of emergency and you require instant medical assistance.

While this thing was highly considered by Mag and May foundation and they constructed the apartments at the ideal location where you can get medical assistance 24 hours a day.


Another most important feature that you will get in Mag and May apartments is entertainment. There are huge sources of entertainment nearby these apartments. No matter you want any clubhouse for arranging a private party or watch a movie with your friends or family, and then Mag and May will be best place to live because you will find all the entertainment related sources nearby.

Well, above has described some of the features offered by Mag and May apartments. Consider all of these facts and make sure to live in these apartments if you really want to lease any residence in Fort Worth. Just use our free Fort Worth Apartment Locators at https://txhighrisers.com/ to find the best apartment and get ready to move in.

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