The Best Apartment-Finder Programs For Android & iOS

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How to find an apartment for rent?

Nowadays, in this expensive world, it’s quite hard to get a perfect home with 2 or more stories. Therefore, people buy apartments in this day and age, because apartments are quite cheap and affordable. As the apartments are cheap but finding a perfect one is also a challenging task. You may need a perfect finder to see apartments for rent or to buy one.

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Can you get someone’s help to find an apartment?

In some areas, rentals are not available. At such places, you may see flats, condos, and townhouses, etc. And these are not managed by any kind of firms there. So, apartment search would be hard in such areas. Many local real estate brokers are available for renters to locate a perfect home for them. Such estate brokers provide multiple facilities such as apartment search, visiting the property before renting it to make sure that the place fits you, revealing and performing all the functions required to rent an apartment.

Local Real Estate Brokers:

You must be thinking that why do these brokers put so much effort into getting a renter for someone else’s apartment. The reason for their effort is that usually, the owners give them a %lease from the first-month rental for attracting more renters towards their departments. Real estate brokers often get 1-3% of their sales prices for every apartment. In this modern world, you can easily find an apartment on the internet from rental listings. You can locate it any time or anywhere. Many websites and rental apps like (realtor.com) provide you the utility to look for rental apartments near you. A broker can help you in this regard, he can guide you towards the right place, out of rental listings.

Defects of local real estate:

But You must remember that their charges vary by location for the best services they provide. The realtor or broker may show you the picture of the landlord rather than just listening to the agent. If you are looking for a comfortable home and a joyful landlord, your realtor could be very helpful.

Apps for finding apartments for rent

As the world is progressing, new apps are developed daily to make our daily tasks more easy, convenient, and efficient. Similarly, apartment finder apps are also available on the internet for both android and iOS. You can easily find an apartment for rent using these apps. Moreover, you can also submit an application for rental and even pay the rent using the app.


When any person is looking for rental apartments, the possibility is that he has less time and he quickly needs to move to the next apartment. In such circumstances, it could be hard to find a perfect place that you can call your next apartment or home. Finding perfect housing is always challenging because the best apartments could already be rented by other renters. To prevent time wastage in such situations, many rental apps are available to search the availability of best apartments in your neighborhood and to search landlords.


Apps available on Android & iOS:

Nowadays, online apartment finder apps are trying hard to provide more efficient availability and properties of apartments. Their efforts help the renters in finding apartments with just a single tap of a finger. With the up-gradation of rental apps, they are not only becoming more helpful, but they are also providing landlord’s housing and financial properties. They allow the users to pay the lease after they submit all the required forms. Here are the lists of some rental apps that are available on both android and apple (iOS).

Apartment Listings Applications:

  • Apartments.com
  • Rent.com
  • Zillow Rentals
  • Trulia Rentals
  • RadPad
  • HotPads
  • com Rentals
  • Apartments finder
  • Zumper
  • Xome Auctions

If you need to find an apartment really fast these applications are the most convenient and helpful ones. You can search for the apartments anywhere and any time such as while standing in a line in the store or while watching TV or while on a tour.

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Benefits of using these applications:

In today’s busy world people want to find the magic that could help them search their next apartment with just a single touch on the screen. President of Zillow reported that the renters the whole renting process to be online, due to which they developed an app from which renter can search apartment listings, obtain a credit check, apply for rental and submit the pay-all through one app. You can’t search for pet-free places, because nowadays all societies allow pets. You can see whether it has nearby park or beach with good view.

Details of these applications:

As the demand for online apartment finders is increasing the best rental app developers (such as Zumper, Zillow, HotPads, Trulia, etc.) are also struggling to grow their renters’ audience and app’s properties. Here is the detail of the most popular apartment listings apps for android & iOS:

1. Apartments.com

It is a map-based best apartment finder application (Apple & Android) for finding new apartment. This interface provides real-time availability including essential details of the amenities of the apartment housing neighborhoods and how much additional payment renters could expect. This app also provides the facility of 3-D tours through which you can see the apartment even before visiting it. Search according to your taste using filters throughout the city. Do the tour of space before asking for price.

2. Rent.com

Rent.com (Apple & Android) has the ability to search available visit times and arrange appointments with landlords to look for property and neighborhoods. The survey is taken from the neighborhood by Rent.com.

3. Zillow Rentals

The Zillow application (Apple & Android) provides best access to more than 400,000 spaces throughout the country. It also has the ability to search with filters like search about the property with certain features such as pet-policy or outside parking. You can also save the searches that attract you. Its updated version has more convenient features like online rent payment, an online application that you can give to the landlords. This interface provides Experian Credit Report, eviction history, and background amenities.

4. Trulia Rentals

The Trulia (Apple& Android) is a user-friendly app that helps in amenities inquiries about the next apartment and neighborhood with its one click and map facility. They create direct contact of users to the property managers. In this way, they don’t need to fill the apartment form for each desired apartment. It provides comprehensive details of all the search listings from the whole city. You can also see ratings and price.

5. RadPad app

The RadPad provides the available housing listings nationwide. Rather than apartment search, the users of this app have an opportunity to pay their rent using a credit card or debit card through the app. The RadPad app will automatically send the payment to the landlord. You can see whether the area has good view, well electric powered rooms and nearby park with satisfying view.

6. HotPads

This user-friendly app is most known for its unique filter house listings in major cities. HotPads app shows all the vacancies available throughout the country (such as New York). You can also see ratings. Its features include society details, number of bedrooms, and community credentials, which gives you the feeling that you’ve already seen the area even before living there. You can also see filter listings that are attracting more users nowadays. Search your requirements using filters. It is being updated after a few months.

7. Realtor.com Rentals

It allows you to browse through the list using the map-based system or by using photos of the apartment. The Realtor.com app also shows you the right directions of the apartment, so that you can see the neighborhood before shifting there. It also alerts you when they found an apartment meeting your criteria. Browse through the list and visit whatever apartment you like. With the app, you can contact the landlord and pay your first lease.

8. Apartments Finder

Apartments Finder app serves new renters and less-budget candidates more conveniently. It provides filter list search, throughout the country (like New York), so that the users can find the apartment of their choice and taste.

They can decide the deal based on their budget, including desired details such as housing vouchers scheme price, short-term offers, and whether some extra utilities are available or not.

9. Zumper

Zumper can access a vacancy for more than one million apartment lists. It also alerts you when your required apartment owners come online. Zumper has a partnership with Experian which helps you provide your credit report so that you can submit an apartment application to the landlord using the app.

In cities like New York and Chicago, renters can experience more advanced features like booking tours, prequalifying the apartment, walk through the neighborhood, and making offers for rental.

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10.Xome Auctions

Xome Auctions app provides online bidding for apartment auctions. You can also search through the auction list. It is a map-based real-time service providing an app. You can also see ratings. Just like other apps, it also provides basic features such as property details, rent calculator, photos, and map locations. But Xome Auctions is best-known because it also tells whether the apartment is financeable or if it needs to be paid through cash.


Hence, the above-mentioned apps are the best ones. These can easily be installed on both Android and iOS. Download any of these and easily search for your desired apartments. You can also search about the neighborhood policies such as if pets are allowed or not in that area and does it have better walk area or not. Such apps have made it easier to find apartments without wasting time and fees on real estate brokers.