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The Westerly Apartments aerial view

The Travis is easily overlooked when considering vacation destinations and relocation, but there’s more to this metropolis than meets the eye. Houston has so many jewels it’s tough to know where to start exactly.

Let us start with shopping. Houston is classified as a home to the most world-famous Galleria Shopping Center. This grand mall is a small city in itself. It is a multi-level, magically lit environment dotted with some of the most impressive fountains around might fill up your camera before you realize the other half of the mall. Yes, it’s just that big. Retail options along the ground floor is also available.

Although Houston is a beautiful place to start and raise a family with its excellent police force, beautiful schools, and even better transit system, The Travis understand that you younger people are looking for a place that’s fun as well as safe. Well, this is the place to go for. You will find a retail space with outdoor seating making the whole unit a lot more friendly.

The Travis is home to so many bars, pubs, and clubs that you could go out every night and have to go to the same place twice in a months. The nightlife in Houston ranges from casual to very posh, so whatever the mood that you’re in, there’s a place you can go. Recently, the place to be has become the Travis, attracting thousands every weekend.

And for all you fitness nuts out there. If you love outdoor activities, you will find many gyms within walking distance of your apartment in the Travis that if you were to move there, you shouldn’t be surprised.

So, when are you planning to visit/move to the Travis? Midtown Houston tx has the tallest residential unit, which offers 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom units and several unmatched services and all amenities covered dog park including 24 hour fitness center.


You can enjoy living at the Travis tower. The apartment in midtown consists of 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedrooms with a great floor plan and the rent starting from $1,635. At The Travis, where you can live above 14,439 sq ft, your perfect match is here. You can find it all. Just give us a call or write to us a message. You can also book your online tour today for free.

The Travis tower will make you feel like royalty, and it is made of a hardwood floor plan. With a built-in washer together with a dryer, you will wash clothes at home. You will experience one of the best granite countertops. With all amenities covered dog park and features, A Pet must be trained to use either a litter box or the dog park for defecating. Contact us to book your tour online.

Need a Change in Climate? – Move to Houston Midtown Apartments with special floor plan

The Travis Houston, TX, has a Climate that is humid subtropical. Averagely, Houston’s warmest month is at 85 °F in July and the coldest month being January at 54 °F. It may sometimes experience tropical cyclones during the hurricane season, bringing significant damage to the city. The last to hit was Hurricane Ike in 2008.

Despite the crazy mood swings of the Climate, several people migrate to the Travis Houston tx every year searching for jobs. The warm, humid weather is a welcomed change for people moving to Houston tx 77002 from up North, where the place is covered in snow for half the year. Due to the constant inflow of people into Houston tx, there is also a rising need to house them and provide them with the best accommodation, and this is where the Travis apartment becomes of benefit.

Why you will Love Midtown Houston TX

Houston is the largest city on the east coast of Texas. The Travis is quickly becoming a place to live for young professionals and families. The Travis apartment boasts as one of Houston’s most culturally diverse areas with growing residential and commercial properties.

Midtown Houston tx 77002 provides residents with the best of everything with its thriving mixed-use community, making it a great time to explore the city and get out of your apartment for the day!

Finding Nature in the City

The Travis apartment is situated in the Midtown Houston Arboretum and Nature Center. It provides residents and visitors a great way of spending the day soaking up in the sun in an environment that rarely is found within an urban setting. The arboretum has 155 acres of natural forest Adjacent to Memorial Park and is a preserve for the local wildlife.

The Trails wind, which is five miles through the center, allows The Travis visitors to be checking out all that the center has to offer. The Guided tours and educational programs are readily available. The Nature Center holds classes and features regular exhibits, so if you are tired of staying in your unit, the best place to be is the Travis.

Eating Local

Today several dining establishments are becoming more straightforward in terms of cooking. It includes all the local ingredients. Top Chef and famed Chef, Masters Contestant Monica Pope brings the best of Houston to the plate at T’afia.

Her 24 hour restaurant is located in Midtown. You will find diners of small dishes made entirely of the ingredients found locally and made from scratch; The Travis is a go-to for anyone ready for a night away from your apartment’s kitchen.


Houston Texas Luxury units

The Travis provides luxury homeowners many of the same amenities as the Big Apple but with a southwestern flavor. Only New York City has as many Fortune 500 companies as Houston. The city is known as the ‘energy capital of the world’ and home to the world’s largest medical and research center-Texas Medical Center.

The Astros, Texas Oilers, and Rockets provide top-notch athletic events for the Travis visitors. And the Museum District offers culture and variety that many say rivals New York’s museums. The Travis is one of the nation’s wealthiest, and luxury units throughout the metropolitan area.

The Museum District is where many looking for luxury units begin their search. Many new high-rise units are opening. These units are great for young executives who want a home without a lot of maintenance. Some like a large penthouse, but others prefer the coziness of a smaller units. Many of these have the luxuries of extensive home-wine cellars, guest quarters, and indoor hot tubs.

From its new golf course to the long list of celebrities that live here, The Travis is extensively considered by many to be the most luxurious area. Many of the units here are not just beautiful-they are large with great floor plan. Many include 1 bed, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms or more bedrooms and a place for the maid to live. New luxury homes are being constructed every day with the right sq ft as older ones are replaced.

West University Place attracts professionals from almost every type of career. The neighborhood is home to oil executives, NASA employees, and those from the medical community. West University Place is a mixture of tree-lined streets with family homes and larger luxury homes. The community is an incorporated city with its city council and fire protection.

Located west of downtown Houston, Hedwig Village is another incorporated community with many luxury homes, and more are under construction. Hedwig Village is governed by a mayor and city council and offers city services such as garbage pickup. Like West University Place, Hedwig Village is a mixture of luxury homes and upper-middle-class residences.

Tangle Wood is another exclusive community in Houston. With homes ranging in price from half a million dollars to more than several million dollars, the area is known as Houston’s whole community. Tangle wood, located west of the city, is known for its large trees that line the streets. The Houston Country Club is just minutes away.

The Travis has a variety of luxury apartment communities but a combination of apartment styles. These styles include:

  • Tudor style units
  • Traditional ranch style units
  • Colonial-style units
  • Mediterranean style luxury units

As mentioned earlier, Houston has many downtown luxury units. You will also find many luxury townhomes in the Travis where you can live above 14439 sq ft.

What you need to check when searching for 1 bed/ 1 bath apartments in Houston, TX

Are you looking for a 1 bedroom or 1 bath apartment? The Travis offers several choices as well as prices. With 1 bed/ 1 bath, you will get more privacy, especially when you live with a roommate, and you will have more flexibility and find a perfect space for your personal life or your significant other.

There are different things you need to consider, especially when touring a 1 bed/ 1 bath apartment. They include

Layout and sq ft

A small one-bedroom apartment sometimes may cost nearly the same as a studio apartment in some cities. Therefore you should consider the location, cost, and amenities. These are vital for your apartment search.

When cost is the main factor, you need to consider the floor plan you want. The a15 floor plan most of the time are always great compared to the other floor plan, there are other units with an outdated kitchen or undesirable views that will rent for less.

The Travis

Looking for an apartment for rent in Houston, TX

Searching for an apartment for rent in Houston, TX? Look no further! The Travis has a solution for you. The average rent is $1,321 for a studio, $1,287 for a one bedroom apartment, and $1,768 for a three bedroom apartment. Are you looking for a deal? Contact us at The Travis apartment.

If you want pet-friendly apartments for rent or apartments with an in-unit washer or dryer? No need to worry. We will provide you with apartments matching your criteria. Also, we will factor in your budget, commute, and even your preferred amenities.

You can trust Travis Apartments for your next Houston, TX apartment’s rental! You are worthy of a home you love. You can send us a message or submit your request for an online tour. Our office hours are mon to fri for 24 hours and sat and sun starting at 9.00 to 5.00pm.

Factors to consider when looking for accessible apartments in Houston, TX

You will find many options for accessible apartments within Houston. To start with, choose the accessible option given. Please stay focused on the necessary amenities and location you want, which will ease your day-to-day living and empower your life.

The neighborhood you are planning to move to should provide enough wheelchair parking that is accessible, dining, public transportation, and entertainment options that fit your lifestyle.

You need to Take time and ask several questions, especially when you touring wheelchair-accessible apartments in Houston. Check for elevators, wide doorways, accessible sinks, entrance ramps, and lower countertops.

The Front-loading machine washer and dryers are essential, and hardwood floors can make the use of a wheelchair very easy. You need to Ask if any plans are underway for any future renovations that either can increase or decrease the accessibility of the apartments. Ask for accessible parking spaces and then explain your rights to make reasonable modifications to your room.

Looking for an apartment with balconies in Houston, TX

One of the coveted amenities for most renters looking for high-rise views and opportunities for fresh air is the Balcony. But, you should know that patios usually come with restrictions.

Before you sign any lease agreement, you should ask about the number of people who can be on the Balcony at once and ask whether you are allowed to store items such as a bike or any other.

You will also need to know if there are maintenance schedules. Using your Balcony as storage can make you be fined. Your property manager may also intervene.

Not all the balconies in Travis are equally created. You will realize parking area views are less than optimal. Your overall privacy will also reduce.

Your Balcony may also be messy with dirt, debris, pollen, and foliage, depending on the location. You may be typically responsible for the clean-up and the basic upkeep of the Balcony in the Travis.

Usually, balconies are a big win for most Houston renters in the Travis. Regardless of the issues, that you need to keep in mind. Therefore, you should ask for apartments on higher floors if you are looking for more significant ones for the best views.

Dining Area

When looking for an apartment with a washer-dryers, consider the following

In Travis, You will find apartments with a washer and a dryer. Houston, TX, provides more flexibility and freedom you may want. You can throw in the laundry before going to work or just back ride Saturday afternoon and finish it up later.

When looking for an apartments in Houston with a washer and a dryer, there are few things you need to consider. Please ask how old such appliances have lived before you can sign. Suppose you have carried out regular servicing for over ten years washer and drier.

You will ask your property manager who is servicing the washer and the dryer. Some of the leases will stipulate that your landlord pays for the repairs for an essential appliance such as an oven or the refrigerator. However, the tenant will be required to service the washer as well as the dryer.

Rental Prices for Apartments in Houston

So, you’re looking to move and aren’t sure of the best options when it comes to the list of Houston apartments available to you. The primary deciding factor in your decision is the amount of rent you can afford.

Since Houston is defined not by zones but by wards instead, land use is not typical compared to similar-sized cities. As a result, you can find similar rents no matter what neighborhood you choose in your Houston apartment listings.

The rent ranges averagely for an apartment in Houston from $635 for a studio while $1,400 for a 3 bedroom.

The lowest average rent can be found in the Southwest neighborhood, one bed and 1 bath apartments will range at $420 per month, the high rent apartment will average at $845 per month for the two bed and 2 bath. But, Southwest Houston has tendency of having higher crime rates, this is a good trade-off for the low rent.

The northwest and northeast parts of Houston start with rents around $450 and top out with an average of $900 a month (for two bed/2 bath apartments). The southeast and west areas are very close to the same, with rents starting around $470 while high average rents can go up to $1,000 per month.

Finally, the Galleria and the Inner Loop areas are having the highest on average rent, the average low rent starts at $550 per month for 1 bed/ 1 bath and the highest rent will average around $1,500 per month for a 2 bed and a 2 bath unit. But, that is average, you will find such a place like a One Park, The rent will go for a $1,700 up to a $7,000 per month for three bedroom / three bath.

The amount of renting such a complex will be charging should form part of the decision. When you are looking at rental unit, different apartments including certain utilities. You should have such in your budget.

You may also want to look at how far you are willing to commute or whether the unit is a long the transport system, since an increase in the price of gas can make your commuting be a financial decision just like your monthly rent.

In There are also several amenities provided, from an onsite 24 hour fitness center to the laundry facilities. This can impact the decision of your budget. If you need to join a good gym and complex possesses one, you will have saved a lot on your membership fee.

One way of saving money paying rent is through undertaking the services of a free apartments’ locator, as several places, you will work with an apartment locator to find a specials like cheaper rent when you took a lease for a long period.

They can also give you more information on whether such deals are genuine. You should be ready for a sale that is too good to be proper, do your research, you will determine if it is worth renting there.

With a little research, it is easy to be a budget-savvy unit hunter. For what you can afford, you will find a good unit in such a gorgeous community and such an amazing team, The Travis.


Choosing the Best Midtown Apartments in Houston

When looking at the Houston apartments to rent, you will be intrigued by the idea of living in the Travis. After all, the idea of being a walk or a short bus ride from your work, plus being near six performance halls, museums, and even the zoo that are all within the 90 blocks that make up downtown Houston is pretty incredible to imagine.

So, how do you choose among all the Houston apartments rentals that are available in the? Like many urban city, Downtown Houston has transformed, with an increase in lofts and townhomes. But as a result, there’s a high demand for space in the downtown area, and rents beginning in the upper range of $1,000 per month.

Search for downtown Houston apartments isn’t much different from a regular apartments search. What’s your budget like? Are you looking for luxury apartments? Then One Park Place is right up your alley, with rents anywhere from $1,700 to close to $7,000 a month. Were you looking for more lofts? You’ve got your choice of Dakota Lofts, with rents between $900 and $2,000; the Lofts at the Ballpark, with rents between $975 and $2,150; and Alexan Lofts, which are priced between $2,000 to 2,500 – and those are just the tip of the iceberg of downtown Houston apartments.

One parking place has a15 floor plan, and there are several amenities in the actual apartments and common areas available to all residents. You will find such luxuries as a concierge service. Dakota Lofts is one of the oldest lofts in Houston. It is in the center of the warehouse district with private parking access and free laundry. Such Lofts in the Ballpark are found from Minute Maid Park across the street, with flexible lease and controlled access. Finally, The Alexan Lofts are having townhomes as well as private laundry rooms in the selected residences.

For instance, it would be best to use a free apartment locator in the Loop Properties or Houston Apartment Locator. This primarily works with downtown Houston unit listings. They will help you figure out what is best depending on your budget, the amount of space you will need, or other amenities you will need, like whether they will accept a pet or a washer and dryer within the unit. If you have children, they will give you a lot of information on the school districts for every unit complex.

There are other underground tunnels with various stops connecting the buildings. They have access to groceries and several other services. Are you planning to move to Midtown? You will spend an afternoon familiarizing yourself within an apartment’s walking distance.

It would be best if you were sure to carry out your site visit to at least two complexes, confirming what the Travis locator service showed you in the Houston unit listings. There’s Room for everyone at The Travis, Book Your tour today. Our office hours are from mon to fri for 24 hrs.

Finding a unit in midtown Houston may be difficult, but you can always ensure you find the right one with good research. Call us at the Travis, Our representative will be ready to assist you. You can also write us a message and request for an online tour today.

Economical Houston apartment to Consider

Houston is known for its strong economy, excellent job force, and resilient real estate market. But what many people don’t know is that it is also known for its superb array of economically priced units.

Houston real estate is varied and exciting, as is clearly illustrated by the fact that you can purchase everything from an exceptional, $1 million unit in one of Houston’s luxurious high-rise buildings to a beautiful, well-equipped unit in an excellent location $200,000.

Don’t let the price fool you, either. Houston units for sale in this price range are nicely designed and offer many good perks, and amenities buyers of more expensive units have come to expect.

The Luxurious Houston Luxury Condominiums

The Travis high rises have emerged to be the new fad. The luxury apartments provide an excellent environment for international trade and the operating of reputed companies. The units look so stunning and beautiful that each one looks better than the other. Since renting cost for a unit has been increasing at high speed.

If you wish to acquire property within the Travis, it would be better to utilize the services of the reputed Houston realtors to do so rather than trying to get a deal yourself. They are better trained and experienced to search for the required property for you at a reasonable cost. Without their help, you may end up buying real estate at a high price.

The Travis apartments have made an impressive entry, and with its stories, it is an amazingly “tall” beauty. Their splendid glamour and grandeur are unbelievable. The excellent top-notch services and facilities have always attracted real estate buyers to the Travis units.

The impressive aspect of the luxury units is that apart from being grand and luxurious. They are suitable for a customer’s wide range, starting from the students to professionals and senior citizens. The properties are enriched with the latest technological features to provide security and luxury for all our customers. From mon to fri, you can contact us for more information.

The units at the Travis apartments have great windows from the floor to the ceiling, a15 floor plans with separate toilets, a modern kitchen, and most sophisticated appliances apart from the other basic features.

Another huge advantage of why you need to relocate to midtown is the maintenance-free living. The Travis is not a place where you shall be fretting about the condition of the roads and care of any kind.

When you rent or buy a property in the Travis, the maintenance and upkeep are certainly not your headaches. From the finest art fitness centers to ultra-modern swimming pools, the Travis have a 24-hour wellness gym, and many other special features, and it is here. The Travis has constructed these ostentatious apartments nearer to commercial centers to make them even more lucrative.

The location of the Travis has been another key attraction for buyers. we are very close to medical centers, Galleria District location, restaurants, main freeways, shopping centers, and most importantly, close to commercial and business centers. Houston Luxury units have from 1 bed/ 1 bath, 2 bed/2 bath and 3 bedrooms, and the costs generally ranging from $300,000 to $500,000 for the right sq ft.

The pricing of penthouses will double. Houston luxury units are made of private property and have ninety-six homes, with each great floor plan with a corner view, If you need a personal space, their is a maximum privacy.

The main amenities provided in the Travis include a swimming pool with a heated Jacuzzi, a club, a well-equipped fitness center, two parking spaces for each home, and a beautiful lobby. The club is ideal for throwing parties and various events. In addition to this, the property is pet friendly too with access to covered dog park.

The Travis will cater for career possibilities of various types. They could be concerned with technology, manufacturing, and medicine. Due to a swift rise in the availability of money, the cost of real estate has increased abnormally. Reputed Houston realtors would go a long way in scanning and selecting the suitable property for you at a reasonable price.

The Travis has established a sheer vibrant Midtown landmark. However, it is inside where you will discover how everywhere you look, and you will realize that your style will be expressed by a mixture of crisp textures and clean finishes. One bed, two bed, and 3 bedroom residences and two-story penthouses are available. Please give us a call for more information.