7 ways to rent an apartment with Bad Credit

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A credit score is an important fact. This is one of the milestones that can sum up a person’s economic situation. Thus, a good credit score can determine a lot.

A bad credit score can cause trouble in your day-to-day financial life. Credit ratings don’t depend on how much you have on your bank accounts. Nor your age, occupation, unemployment, etc. It depends on your skipped payments, debts, account management, bank accounts time limit, etc. You need to have an active bank account to have a good credit rating.

There are several places in different states where a proprietor or property manager will ask for a credit score report as they go head over the hills for their products. They will enquire about your credit rating, and you will need to submit a credit score agency report. This will give assurance that you will be able to pay your rent every month on time. Landlords and rental companies ask renters for credit scores with employment reports.

Usually, a credit score below six hundred (approximately) is considered a bad credit score. From 600 and higher is a good credit score. There are many different causes for having a bad score.


The reasons for having inadequate credit reports are:

  1. When you are late on your payments, even if it is a loan, or mortgage, or just a membership fee, late payments are one of the main reasons to have a bad credit score.
  2. Debts. Any debt can cause a bad credit score. Student loans, home or motor loans, are a root of a bad credit rating.
  3. Late payments are undoubtedly one of the back draws. But the time limit is also an important thing to consider. Suppose you are late for a fee for thirty days or more than the due date. It will surely be an influence on lousy credit ratings.
  4. There might be a merging of several accounts that might lead to a bad credit rating. The credit report will vary if one or more bank accounts are inactive. This will harm the credit report.
  5. Credit card bills are unpaid for an extended amount of time. This can cause a bad credit record. And will indeed show credit card debt. And credit card debt is a source of bad credit.
  6. Newly opened accounts and credit cards associated with them have a positive impact on creditability. And that is when the account is active and has regular transactions. Otherwise, it’ll have an almost ten percent effect on the score.
  7. Suppose you have an installment bank account and a savings account, and one of them has any unfilled requirements in it. Then your credit rating will drain noticeably. So, you need to maintain both kinds of accounts.

There are several ways to get a perfect credit rating. And that is to maintain your accounts and credit history. It would be best if you kept up with all debts and installments. You can always contact your bank for any clarification.

The most important problem that people face with lousy credit ratings is while rent payments. Most of the apartment or house owners will ask for a good credit score and pay stubs. It’s a term of confidence to the landlord.

Nowadays, most people rent or lease an apartment through an agency or a realtor. They will ask for your credit report with an employment report of the applicant. If your credit rating is six hundred or less, you might need to think of other ways to cover up your lacking. There are several ways to get an apartment with lousy creditability to rent an apartment. In this quick guideline, we will cover everything that you need to know to get an apartment with bad credit from a reputed landlord or property manager.


Here are seven tips to get an apartment with a bad credit score:

Give a good reference from your employer:

You might have a bad score in the past. But show the authority that you have a stable income right now. Show them the amount of money you earn. And a good recommendation letter from your employer. This will ensure the landlord that you have a long-term income source. You are a hardworking person. And you will pay his rent on time every month. Add an email address and phone number of your employer. Showing this document might help you get a good deal from landlords even if you have a low amount in your savings account.

Thus, a good recommendation letter will also help someone achieve a long-term lease even with low income. It’ll give the landlord a sort of confidence and trust as a candidate in you.

Show them your previous landlord’s reference letter:

You need to give the current landlord a reference letter from your previous renting place. You can add a community recommendation letter as well. Add the email address and phone number of the place. This will represent your character in front of them. Chances are, an excellent rental history and a reference letter from your previous landlord can be compelling. The landlord needs to be assured that you will pay your due rent on time in every way possible.

As a renter, you can always document up why your credit rating is low. Losing a job and health issues can be a source of it. If you have any due bills or rent, clear the owed money. Also, get a letter from them that you removed your due.

Get an apartment or a house with no obligation for a credit report:

Large property management companies or firms require every source of a background check including your income. The property managers will have a full inspection of your employment and credit history for the management company. They have specific categories to fill up. So with a bad credit history, a landlord might turn you down.

So, look for small properties. Local and individual people own these apartments. These landlords have low maintenance in their applications. So you need to find the location where they will not need a credit record. So, you won’t need to mention your credit rating.

Check online for individually owned properties. You can ask local real estate agents and newspapers as well. The advertiser disclosure often represents local houses and apartments. So, their services can help you to find the perfect apartment.

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Update your credit score:

You can cut down all the irregular accounts, which are due and has debts in them. You can pay them off and close the account. Maintain a new account. Get a credit card with regularly paid bills. This will improve your credit score and will help you to get a good deal on an apartment.

This can go negatively as the landlord will have no idea about your credit history. Or how you handle your finances. But you can pay all your dues with your new credit card at the end of the month. This will increase your credit. But it is your responsibility to state why you closed all of your accounts. And give landlords any proof and recommendation letter for this. This information will definitely help while renting an apartment with bad credit.

Pay extra:

You can pay a bit extra than usual in case of a bad report. You can pay a bit additional deposit or a bit more rent. This will ensure the landlord that you will able to pay the rent every month in time. If possible, set up automatic payments for your rent, it works most of the time while you are getting an apartment with bad credit. And most landlords will be at ease if you offer them such options.

Thus, it will show that you are pretty serious about renting the apartment. You can always pay a three months advance. This upfront action can always secure your dream apartment with a bad credit score.

Add someone in your application form:

If you are comfortable with having a friend being a co-signer, you should add one to your rental application. A roommate will secure you more while renting an apartment. A co-signer can always help in every way, from splitting the rent to the security deposit.

You should add someone with a good credit rating. This will help you cover up your reports and be helpful while you are signing the deal with your landlord. And will help you to have your dream apartment for rental.


Understand your credit report properly:

If you have a bad score, you need to understand the reasons. Please focus on the grounds and explain it to the agency or the landlord. If there is a piece of wrong information, ask the credit bureaus for help. And solve the problem.

If you have a due amount, pay it. And add a clarification letter with it. This will ensure that you have a legitimate reason for having a bad credit score.

A rating is essential. Again, it doesn’t state your current situation. It only explains the long-term financial state. As such, a financial situation can change dramatically. For this reason, several rental agencies do not check credit ratings.

But even if they do check your credit. The credit report can’t explain everything. It can be essential for big real estate agencies. But as it has been said, small property owners don’t care about credit rating much. They will accept reference letters. And concentrate more on the reference letters and rental history you provide.

A good testimonial can change their perspective. This will change the perspectives of the landlords. Also, it will mention your qualifications. As such, you can quickly get an apartment with bad credit.

The previously mentioned ways will help you to achieve your particular place with a bad credit rating. But you should monitor your credits more carefully. They don’t change drastically. But with several issues, the score report might degrade.

So, be careful with your credit reports and make sure that you have everything done correctly. A bad credit rating might not be a concern for you right now. But with employments and improvements, credit checks are essential. They constantly check with the credit reporting agencies. Thus, try and improve your credit score more continuously.

Thus, you can rent an apartment with a not-so-good rating. There are several other possibilities to get an apartment with a bad credit score. But the previously suggested ones are the most notable tips.