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Houston tx is one of the most populated states in Texas. This is one of the major metropolitan areas in the United States of America as it holds the largest healthcare facility is situated here. The city is flourished with different places related to both economic and cultural heritage.

Houston tx is one of the most populated states in Texas. This is one of the major metropolitan areas in the United States of America as it holds the largest healthcare facility is situated here. The city is flourished with different places related to both economic and cultural heritage.

An average median household income is almost fifty thousand dollars and per capita income is almost thirty thousand dollars a year. Being the capital of health care and research establishments Houston has different and less complex luxury living spaces.

Hanover is one of the best real estate companies in Texas having several housing buildings and apartments with two and three-bedroom here in Houston. They have varieties of residential and office spaces in the Houston Galleria area.

If you are looking to live in Houston and want a premier luxury living apartment experience, Hanover will provide you with the perfect places to live in the Houston Galleria area. Hanover has projects all over the country. Austin, Dallas, Boston, Los Angeles, etc.

If you are moving to Houston tx, you can easily look for apartments on the websites of Hanover Company. They have all sorts of recommendations and ideas about the two and three-bedroom apartments. The living experience in Hanover will head our philosophy of luxury living is reimagined.

About two million people live in Houston tx. They all work in different places. The University of Houston and Rice University is one of the famous universities in the states right here in Houston tx. So this place is a great place to live right across the bat.

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Now here are the things you need to consider if you are going to live in Houston tx:

Medical facilities:

There’s a huge development in medical care in Houston and one of the largest ones so far. This includes several medical schools, dental schools, pharmacy schools, and hospitals. There’s a huge range of international patients in Houston tx every year. They also include the largest children’s hospital and cancer hospital.

Business growth:

The Port of Houston is the birthplace and business center of the city of Houston. This is one of a kind and busiest ports in America with different sorts of export and import. This is one of the first ports to have a double-stack container train. They have direct cotton import trade from Europe. The port living it’s the standard of ISO. Houston energy corridor is one of the largest office areas in Houston tx.

Wood Group, PCL constructions, Citgo, etc. Are one of the international and national companies acting in Houston tx.

Cultural aspects:

Houston Museum District is one of the busiest recreational areas in Houston. They include nineteen different museums. Holocaust Museum Houston, The Health Museum, Children’s Museum, and Contemporary Art’s museum are among the several museums stated in Houston tx. There is situated the famous Brown Theatre and Cullen Theatre in Wortham Theatre Center. Houston Ballet, Houston Grand Opera, and symphony orchestra are also the permanent place of the Theatre District. The Rolling Stones has regular performances in this area of Houston tx.


Like all over Texas the weather is humid and hot. The temperature reaches almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit every year. Flood is very common in Houston tx. There’s also a sort of hurricane and regular floods with maximum casualties. Tropical storms are also common in the area of Houston tx. Many of the people move to Houston tx for the weather and the residential privileges.


Crime rate:

The crime rate of Houston tx decreased almost eleven percent in a year. So, it is one of the safest and secure cities in the state. There’s also a downward trend of violent crime rate in the history of Houston tx.


There are almost nineteen school districts situated in Houston tx. There are more than a hundred campuses on subjects like science, fine arts, performing arts, medical, etc. University of Houston, Texas Southern University, Rice University, Houston Baptist University, Houston Law Center, Baylor College of Medicine, University of Texas Health and Science Center at Houston are one of the renowned institutions in Houston and the county.


The transportation system directly involves a private automobile, bicycle, public bus, and subways. There are toll roads, limited access highways, etc. For roads. Light rail, HOV lanes are common in Houston tx.

So being a very luxurious city, Houston has its own benefits. They have highly integrated and modern housing systems all over the city. And thus, the philosophy is that exceptional luxury. Hanover Companies plays their role of being an advance and modern real estate agency with two and three-bedroom apartments.

Moving to Houston tx, you will first go for the residential checklist with grand smoke-free living spaces with an exclusive movie room and pool that offers an unsurpassed blend of the raging city. Hanover Post Oak is such residential heaven. This is situated in 1750 Sky Lark Ln. The place is populated and has different shops, malls, restaurants around it, and has an unsurpassed mixture of panoramic. The memorial park is not too far from Hanover Post Oak, actually a walking distance. So rest your head on our philosophy with utmost trust.

Living in Houston’s uptown Hanover Post Oak apartments:

The location:

The building is situated at the ultra-convenient place of 1750 Sky Lark Ln, Houston tx, 77056 soaring thirty stories exceeding Houston’s Hanover Post Oak in the Houston Galleria area with the site of a mixture of the extended city. The two main highways, highway 610 and highway 59 are very close to the place.

Restaurants and malls:

Hanover Post Oak is near Hilshire Village, Spring Valley Village, and Hunter Creek Village. Among several restaurants around the area, some of them are True Food Kitchen, Adair kitchen, Post Oak Grill, etc. If you are looking for hamburgers, McDonald’s is also very close. North Italia, Starbucks, Morton’s Steakhouse, Murphy’s Deli is also very close to Hanover Post Oak. For shopping malls, The Galleria area, Post Oak Plaza, Post Oak Shopping Center, Pavillion on Post Oak, Uptown Park, Rivers Oak District is not far. And thus, making the place a place of economic prosperity and spaces and an ultra-convenient stay with the motto: “luxury living is reimagined” in Hanover.


If you are looking for schools near Hanover Post Oak, Tanglewood Middle school and Briagrove Elementary School are quite close. River Oaks Baptist School is a private school.


There are also business and fashion schools nearby. If you are looking for branded shops, Tiffany &co, Channel, Neiman Marcus is also quite close to the Uptown Hanover Park oak. Thus making this place is a very popular area in Houston tx. All the shops are nearby and easy to reach out to.

Floor plan:

The residential plan of high-rise apartments starts from the 8th floor and the building is thirty floors over Houston’s uptown. Hanover Post Oak is in the Houston Galleria area and close to Post Oak Blvd defining an ultra-convenient place.

Apartment settings:

There’s one studio Apartment with 624 sq ft. The month is almost seventeen hundred dollars a month and the deposit stands at three hundred dollars. Comes with one bedroom and one bathroom. There are 10 one-bed apartments. The rent per month will start from seventeen hundred dollars to twenty-five hundred dollars. The deposit will be three hundred for each of the high-rise apartments in the Houston Post Oak. The rent varies from different sizes of apartment. Meaning the sq ft. The area is different. For 956 sq ft. The rent will be highest at twenty-five hundred dollars a month. For 2 beds and 2 bathrooms in high-rise apartments, the deposit will be six hundred dollars and rent will vary from three thousand dollars to four thousand dollars a month. For this kind of apartment, though the planning is different for every apartment. But let’s give you an idea of how your apartment might look like. There are an attached bathroom and walk-in closets with each bedroom. The kitchen comes with a refrigerator, pantry, and dishwasher. The living area is further down the apartment. This one comes with a terrace and offers an unsurpassed blend of an extensive city that shows lavish residing spaces there.

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For the one-bedroom apartments, there’s a living room and terrace. This also includes walk-in closets and an attached bathroom. The kitchen is also very spacious. Next, let’s talk about the luxury penthouse apartments. There are three penthouse apartments in Uptown Hanover Park Oak. Each of them comes with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The deposit will be nine hundred dollars and rent will be almost ten thousand dollars a month. The floor area is almost three thousand sq ft. And above. For the floor planning, two of the bedrooms have attached bathroom and walk-in closets.

There is an open kitchen with a living and dining area. There is also a laundry room. The master bedroom comes with big walk-in closets residing spaces and an ultra-luxurious feel, an attached terrace that offers an unsurpassed mix of scenic city, and a bathroom. There are two terraces in penthouse apartments. Almost 6 people can have accommodation in these apartments. The largest penthouse apartment in Hanover Park Oak has different living and dining spaces and an ultra-luxurious feel.

Sharing an apartment:

One-bedroom apartments can be occupied by a maximum of 2 people and two-bedroom apartments can be occupied by a maximum of people. So, if you are sharing a one-bedroom apartment you might have to spend nine hundred dollars a month. If you are sharing a two-bedroom apartment, you might have to spend seven hundred and fifty dollars a month. And if you are rent a penthouse apartment and share it, you have to pay sixteen hundred dollars a month.

Amenity costs:

There are both community and apartment amenities available in Houston’s uptown Hanover Post Oak. For apartment amenities, all the flooring is hardwood floors. The windows extend from floor to ceiling. Closets are all walk-in closets.

The countertops are made of granite and quartz. Valet parking and dry-cleaning services are available. A twelve thousand sq. Ft. Of pool deck with scenic city views in Hanover Post Oak. There is a pool and sitting lounge.


There is an artistic fitness center and enjoy 24/7-concierge and valet for dry cleaning services. A grilling station and catering kitchen are also available. Hanover Park Oak is pet-friendly and has a pet washing station within the place. All the residential amenities have broad city views extraordinary living spaces over fifteen thousand sq. Ft. Area. The whole place is smoke-free.

The bathrooms come with a bathtub and marble top and walk-in closets. The balcony will feature a skyline view. The front door concierge has an easy entrance for the valet and to the front lobby. The business center is right on the corner of the front desk. There’s also a mailroom and gym equipment executive conference rooms a private meeting.

The leasing center is outside of the high-rise Hanover Post Oak. The driveway area has a private valet service and cleaning service a state of example compelling luxury living is reimagined. The ceiling of the apartments is also designed and decorated. The e-lounge has Wifi, and iMac for you to use in Hanover Post Oak. The private lounge has an HD TV. There’s a billiards board on the 8th floor of the building. There is a private screening room in the resident lounge. All the windows have solar shades. The bathrooms in the penthouse feel like a spa.

The smoke-free pet policies and guidelines are strictly enforced. Various things are like smoke-free has preferences in the footer of this site.

Contacting the agency:

There is a leasing office right outside the high rise soaring thirty stories over Houston’s Hanover Post Oak. There are office hours where you can call the office or pay a personal visit. You can also email the office, with any possible queries. There’s a way to schedule a tour by applying the date and time. You can always reach out to the office via Facebook, Instagram, etc. They have both yelp and blog pages. But the best way to reach and book your apartment is to use our site.

Hanover Post Oak website:

Use this site to find out all the details about high-rise Hanover Post Oak.

Resident’s portal:

This is also a portal for the residents living here. There are options of scheduling a tour, e-mail, and a direct contact number.

Floor plan:

Floor plans show how many individual apartments are available and how are they situated. This also includes floor area, the maximum range of people, and the rent of a particular apartment.

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In the neighborhood portion, this shows the map around the location. The Houston tx galleria area is highlighted along with the Houston Blvd. area. Residents are the portal of living residents of Hanover Post Oak in the 1750 skylark. They can manage their rent fees and cost through this. One can pay online for rent and lease.


You can apply online by filling up a form. This will include name, phone number, E-mail, and a password of your choice. This will give you an account to contact Hanover Post Oak. Then you can just log in with mail and password and leave a comment on the site and to improve it further.


In the gallery portion, you have two options. Pictures of every amenity. Or the 360 virtual tours of the soaring thirty floors exceeding Houston’s uptown Post Oak. The virtual tour will start with the outside section of the building. Zoom in and zoom out if you have to. The leasing office, and one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments are shown at first. Click on the place you want to view and it will show you all the necessary footage. Even the ceiling! There are a bunch of pictures in this particular section of the Hanover Post Oak website.


You can also watch wide-raging city shows lavish residing spaces four from your terrace. For the amenities, you have lists of every community and private accessories of the Hanover Post Oak. The view of the Houston’s uptown can be shown from every terrace and veranda of Hannover Post Oak. The pool, the fitness center, the conference room, the private dining area, will show you the site of Houston’s massiveness.


Now for the last, you can contact them by mail or the contact form. Hanover Post Oak is pet-friendly and has equal housing opportunities, smoke-free preferences in the footer of this site. This is all specified on the website and is clearly described.


Hanover post oak allows dogs and cats as pets. The pet charges may vary with the size of the pet. There has to be a deposit for pets at well. The deposit will be two hundred and fifty dollars for both dog and cat. You might have to pay an additional two hundred and fifty dollars with the actual rent for each pet.

Time slots:

To rent an apartment in Hanover post oak, you have to give it for a particular amount of time with e to stay. it will start in six months. And the time can be then for seven or eight or nine or ten and up to fifteen months. Thus they will give you a contract for six months to a year or a year and a half. If you have a contract for more than twelve weeks you’ll get a six-month rent-free deal. Means you get more than a month of a free stay at Hanover Post Oak.

Other amenities:

We talked about some of the highlights of the Hanover Post Oak in the 1750 skylark. But let’s talk about some other amenities available in this property. There are elevators and a fire pit and an internet café with IMacs for you to use. There is an inbuilt washer, dishwasher, and microwave within the apartment. You will get a 24/7 internet connection available at Hanover Post Oak.

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Office hours:

Monday-Friday from 9 am to 7 pm and Saturday-Sunday the hour 10 am to 6 pm and 12 pm to 6 pm respectively. For covid-19 the Hanover Post Oak site recommends virtual tour and connect with them through Instagram, Skype, Facebook or Zoom. Through storing of cookies on your device will ensure a fast site experience if you accept all cookies closing the bar at the beginning.

For special circumstances, you can get a 6-week free accommodation if you sign up for 12 months stay in Hanover Post Oak to enjoy a nice stay.

Hanover Post Oak is thirty stories over Houston’s with all the modern equipment and facilities. The place is huge and is full of spark and luxury. With a sky deck pool and fitness center and conference room, you can easily assume how comfortable your stay will be.

Besides the Hanover Post Oak website, there are some other websites. The local ones, where you can book and check out the available apartments for rent. But the Hanover Post Oak website will give you an exact update about the site. If there are any changes on leasing, rent, deposit, amenity upgrade, any offer regarding different occasions will be shown on the website. The site is up to date with the changes of the Hanover Post Oak.

To experience the ultimate luxury, stay in Houston Tx, you should give Uptown Hanover Post Oak a fair chance. The price might be a bit higher, but this will ensure every necessity you have is looked after.