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If you are new in town and looking for a place to stay, hotels are a common option. But for long-time stay apartments or condos or even houses are better options. And to search for apartments in the USA, websites are quite common this day.

Apartments.com is one of the most common websites in the United States featuring different sorts of rental properties. All of them come with the pricing, down payment, and details about the location.

Apartments.com is a brand of Costar. Inc. This is an online platform with information and analytics of rental resources around the globe. Apartments.com is specifically featured for the United States. There are more than eleven cities featured on the website. Birmingham, Green Bay, Irvine, Columbia, etc. Are featured on the site. Texas, New York, New Jersey, California, and many important and populated state rentals are enlisted in the site. One can look for properties or register rentals online.

Apartments.com is one of the biggest rental companies in the market. Thousands of properties have listings and views. You just to “put up the” search of a particular city and you will find all the listing available there. There is more than one apartment listed in one building or neighborhood. So you can easily look for the place that suits you the most.


About Costar Group:

Costar Group is a real estate company featuring different companies in different countries across the world. They have both the research team and network resources to enable a billion-dollar business. Apartments.com is powered by Costar Group. So all the analytics and maintenance services are observed by the company itself.

Costar has access to a huge amount of property, meaning the properties are up for sale or rent through their company. And they also own a huge number of properties all over the world. Apartments.com is also a leading commercial real estate agency by Costar specifically in the States.

Things you’ll find in the apartment.com:

You’ll be able to search a particular city or state in the search box and you’ll get the places available in that location. Besides that, you can enter any other keyword like apartment near me or pet-friendly apartments or utility included apartments or houses near malls. The search engine will analyze your keywords and show you the exact result.

There are filters on the page where you can add a particular price, no of bedrooms you are aiming for, type of place you want to rent like houses or condos, move-in date, and any particular requirements like parking, air conditioning, etc.

There will be a map available on the site with marked places. So you’ll get to see what is available and the places near the location.

Click on the property you think is suitable and they will show you the property with pictures. They’ll also show you the other places available for rent on the site in the same building. You can even get a virtual tour of the place. All the amenities are listed on the page. The utility and community amenities are also shown. There is a number available on the site. So you can just pick up the phone and dial. Or there is a form with name, email address, move-in date, and phone number. They will contact you with the necessary information.


The page also shows institutions near the apartment, transportation routes, and most importantly reviews of previous renters. So you can always check if the place and the authority are valid or not. Besides, apartments.com will verify the renters before giving an advertisement.

A renter can add favorites or save some property adds in their account and then compare them. They can also check out houses, condos, and town homes for rent. They also have a mobile app.

A rental manager is a person who adds or advertises a property on the site. They can look up the applicants and ensure the perfect one to rent.

Due to covid-19 in 2021, you can pay and collect payments online.

You can sign in through Google, Facebook, or email ID. This is different for renters and rental managers.

There are advertising packages available from silver to diamond. With the diamond pricing, it’s more likely that the place will be rented faster.

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Some of the problems you might face in rental:

There can be some maintenance issues on the site. It can be moderately slow while browsing.

There can be deceptive reviews for a particular place. Reviews are given by non-renters can cause problems for others later on.

Their search engine can be confusing sometimes. Like if you are ticking particular features, but they can ignore that and show you the places that don’t match your requirements.

The apartments or houses can look different than the pictures. They might look shiny and pretty but sometimes the size of the room is rather too small or the place is a mess.

Rental managers can get problems during advertisement and the officials sometimes ignore the facts completely. As it is a huge organization, they tend to ignore casualties in a small range.

The renter can get in trouble with renting authority. There can be improper behavior and documentation. The website will not be much to help in this way.

So, with both clean feedback and casualties, apartments.com is overall an easy place to look for places to rent. The site is easy to operate and to rely on.