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Starting a new life in a new city is not easy and has its own pros and cons but to start something new and move forward it is sometimes essential to take a chance at a new place to have a better tomorrow. Dallas is a big city with a growing population which means growing opportunities for people planning to move to the city. The city is a social hub for people starting their own business and planning to make it a success.


The location of Dallas apartments is within the perimeter of the markets and malls which makes the city decent enough to reach for the necessities of everyday life. The apartments and their prices are subject to the area in which they are located. There are areas that are expensive and have housing that costs a fortune, but there are places where the housing rent is minimal as well as affordable. These areas are not far off from the major workplaces or offices. Big companies like JC Penny, ExxonMobil, etc have their headquarters in Dallas, which is a plus point to apply for a job or have business interaction with these companies. You can always consult with a Dallas apartment locator service to find the best apartment for your living.

The cost of living is not high and comes within the reach of most of the people working in good jobs. The city is also an eatery paradise, there are a huge number of cuisines available in the city that allows the residents to enjoy a variety of flavors according to their taste. The eating places are not costly but get within the reach of all the people while the Michelin star restaurants are highly expensive.

The city offers scenic beauty to those who enjoy mother nature. The various parks and tourist attractions make the weekends exciting and enjoyable to everyone. People with families can visit these places and enjoy a picnic together which refreshes the stress of a busy life. Swimming, paddle-boating, and many other sports are a plus and enjoyed by the outdoor living families. The White rock lake attracts many people to have a relaxing time away from the stresses of life.

The people of Dallas enjoy sports like basketball and like every Texan, they enjoy the life of a rodeo. Though the city offers every facility the traffic sometimes gets crazy, but not to worry as it is not a major hassle as it clears in a matter of minutes. The public transport system is also the best in the city and commuting for long distances is not a problem. The metro and subway arrive at their destination without delays of any kind.

All in all, Dallas is a city growing with time and has every facility that a person requires to thrive in a new environment and the people are also warm and welcoming offering a hand when in need. So moving into a new apartment with everything close by and working well can be a step towards positivity and recommended so.

Dallas tx might get a huge population, but this has opportunities and job growth higher than any other city in the country. Though the state of Texas, every year a new sector of big companies located in Dallas. Such there is a huge opening for jobs for the residents.

Now let’s talk about the uniqueness of this city. Living in Dallas has its own perks with all the entertainment and opportunities down the road. If you are thinking of moving to Dallas for good, or just to any place to change the air. You might and should consider Dallas Texas.

Here are some unique qualities you will meet when you move to Dallas or thinking of moving to Dallas TX:

1. The sight. There are several places like museums, zoos, parks, theaters, libraries, etc. For you to enjoy. White rock lake serves as a recreational place for all of the city especially east Dallas. This one is known for its rowing, sailing, swimming, and picnic on the shore experience. Also famous for its trees and bird species. Dallas zoo is on the west. So if you are yearning for monkeys or tigers you should definitely pay a visit. Dallas Museum of art is located in the middle and has a collection of over twenty-four thousand art and relics. They have the Reeves collection which was their personal collection of fourteen thousand artworks. North Dallas has almost seven public libraries.

Dallas Tx

2. The economic situation of Dallas Texas is not too bad or too good. More on the latter side. They have a lot of job openings and businesses owned by entrepreneurs. They might be small ones, but local people are very enthusiastic about them. The restaurant chains are highest in the U.S. These people of Dallas love to eat out. They have their famous barbecues in some of the renowned places. They have high ratings and recommendations.

3. The residents of the large cities are not that cooperative usually. But in Dallas, That’s a no no. Residents are extremely friendly and neighborhoods are very comfortable. They’ll start with sir, ma’am and end with ya’ll. So, do not worry about blending in. And you will definitely get invited to a lot of barbecues.

4. The crime rate in Dallas is lower than in other cities like San Antonio, New York City, Washington, Austin, etc. So you can say there’s a lot of safe neighborhoods there. The place is not very crowded in crime. To live in Dallas at a minimum rent you can score a lovely neighborhood.

5. They have no income taxes. They might have a sales tax, housing tax. But no income taxes. You might want to include that in your list as it is a big step towards saving. The sales tax is not even that high.

6. The downtown or center of the city is the core of the Dallas metro area. The roads are expanding continuously over the year and their light rail systems are becoming the fastest one in the U.S. There’s buses and American airlines as well. There is personal vehicles and bicycles are common with public transportation and easy access.

7. Education. Public schools, private schools, universities are very expanded in these areas. They have the University of Texas and they surely have Southern Methodist University, University of North Texas, etc.

8. State Fair of Texas. This is one of the biggest highlights of this Texas. Every year this festival takes place in the cotton bowl and annual college football teams compete there. There are also fries. Lots of different kinds of fried chicken from ribs to fried jello. There is live music by young professionals as well as animals.

9. Dallas is The home of Games. There are major leagues in hockey, basketball, football, and badminton happening all around the year. As the home teams, you will find most people cheering for Dallas cowboys in Football and Texas rangers in Baseball. So, if you love sports Dallas will be the perfect place for you to move into.

10. The weather in Dallas is like any other city in the state. It’s hot and humid. The temperature reaches 105.8°F in the summer and the lowest in winter is 57.2°F. So most people move here for the weather sometimes. The temperature plays a vital role in old joints. There’s hardly any snow in the winter. A lot of people move to Dallas to wear cowboy hats and sports.

11. There are people of different backgrounds and cultures around the city. They have several languages and backgrounds influencing the overall atmosphere of the city. They have community halls and churches to advance the bonding between people and most importantly- barbecues.

So most of the things are advantageous and exciting. They have all kinds of places that you can explore and have recreation. The center of Dallas is the live area. Dallas residents are very keen on all of the restaurants and nightclubs and Dallas metro areas.

Community halls are a big source of gathering in Dallas tx. This is a place to live with the population by sharing perspectives and ideas. The neighbors are quite welcoming to new ones.

Now let’s talk about some of the details you have to follow before moving to Dallas:


Cost of living:

The cost of living includes utility bills and rent or lease in a median home. The average median income in Dallas tx is fifty thousand dollars per year. The spending cost can be up to forty-six thousand dollars a year. This includes 25 percent for amenities and 36 percent for rent and 10 percent for transportation fares on the national average in Dallas. Rent per month for a one-bedroom in the city center is almost fifteen hundred dollars and a full apartment costs about three thousand dollars. Utility bills cost about one hundred and seventy dollars per month. A one-way ticket on public transport can cost three dollars and a meal in a restaurant can cost up to fifteen dollars in a median home. Primary schools might cost fifteen thousand dollars a year for a child. Oh, and a loaf of bread will also cost three dollars and gas is also three dollars a gallon.


The city center is obviously on the expensive side and the best places to live. The far you live from the city the living cost will reduce. But the workhouses are situated at the center of the city. So staying far from the middle of the city will cost more transportation fare or gas. Swiss Avenue has the most advanced architectural forms and the historic district has Wright-inspired housing. South Dallas has State Fair and Fair Park. There are several skyscrapers in the city as well.


The weather is hot and humid. But also it is prone to cyclones, storms, thunderstorms, and lightning. Spring is the weather very much likely to have this calamity and this is a serious threat to the cities existence. Texas has the term tornado alley as there were several tornadoes over the years making it not the best places to live. And Dallas is almost near the center of the tornado alley in the U.S. There is hardly any snow but the freezing rain is as hard as the snow. The city ranks twelve in being the most polluted city in the U.S.

Economical situation:

They have the highest job growth in the national criteria. Almost ten thousand people work in the corporate offices of telecommunications in Dallas. Real estate is and was a big deal in Dallas. The market was always stable and at the peak. So to include in real estate the construction business and metro construction for public transportation is also big for Dallas. Since the beginning of 2000 many people moved here for real estate, housing, and job growth. The construction job of new housing and neighborhoods never stopped. Dallas is also expanding its roads and rails as public transportation. That means more job opportunities for more workers on the national average. Besides all of these, Dallas has the biggest farmer’s market and shopping centers in the country. The state fair of Texas itself has a source income of fifty million dollars each year on the national average in Dallas. There are convention halls and stadiums for international leagues to play in Dallas. This also contributes to the city’s economy.


Dallas has two areas named arts district and historic district. So you can easily guess how their authenticity and culture contribute to their lives in Dallas Texas. Museums and theaters and arts galleries are located all over the city Dallas. All of the museums and galleries have collections from the best artists around the globe and from the local talents as well. Dallas is home to Winspear Opera House and Stone Street with pubs and bars. So guess how Dallas works! There’s also a holocaust museum and Texas theater situated in Dallas. A population of different backgrounds and cultures. This also affects the socio-economic culture of the city. They all play a significant role in the cities growth and development.

Dallas Culture

There are different kinds of places all over Dallas. Each of the locations has different possibilities and ideas and most importantly people. Each place is famous for its qualities and authenticity.

Here are some of the renowned places in Dallas:

Historic district:

This is the place where President John Kennedy was assassinated. So no wonder a historical place to remember. You have to use the light train to reach here. All the buildings here hold their old structures and this place also has the holocaust museum.

Arts district:

This is Paris of Dallas with all the sophisticated galleries, theaters, and museums. This is situated in the center of Dallas Texas. This also includes art schools and cathedrals and opera houses in the neighborhood.

Farmer’s market:

Dallas has the biggest and fastest-growing farmers market in the states. So if you are looking for fresh veggies and fruits every single day, you might one to give this city a fair chance. The number of stalls doubled over time and grew into a huge business gathering place for people.

Trinity groves:

This is the food street. There are several restaurants in the area and connected with the Margaret hill bridge. The place is still expanding. All the famous barbecue restaurants and pubs are situated here.

Deep Ellum:

The nightmare of the elm street film is based on the name of this area. They have several pubs and nightclubs and live music in the neighborhood. The area got its attention from some of the crimes that happened in the past but has Ellum arts festival and music festival. So an area rooted in art and mystery. The liveliest area in Dallas.

Renowned places in Dallas

Southwest medical district:

This is situated in the southwest part of Dallas. The heart of the hospital business and nursing care. They have all kinds of clinics and hospitals. The place is very important in Dallas. If you are moving to Dallas! The southwest medical district is the medical center of the state.

Oak cliff:

Oak Cliff is one of the oldest established areas in Dallas and still has its spark and culture to this day. It’s just by the Trinity River and has different sources of builds and jobholders. But with its past being too bright this is one of the most renowned places in Dallas.

Dallas Fort Worth:

Dallas fort worth area is located between Dallas and Fort Worth and is known as the airport area. Dallas Fort Worth is the busiest airport in the U.S. American Airlines and other airlines have almost 300 national and international flights from Dallas Fort Worth.

Design district:

It’s also located in the middle of the city and has several galleries and architectural landmarks where this gets its name from. The buildings situated here are also one of the greatest architectural designs in the city. It is a high-end place.


It’s actually the center of Dallas. Downtown Dallas metro area and light train. Downtown Dallas is also the busiest place in Dallas. They have different upgraded areas with all the showrooms and malls being near. Downtown Dallas is a Manhattan neighborhood in New York City.

After all the possibilities and growth in Dallas now let’s talk about how can you actually live here. And for that, you need to find yourself a home.

Many people move to Dallas for university and work and community. Both have different aspects and outcomes and needs. A student would not want a family home and a family man cannot afford a single room. So, each has to find their particular accommodation and Dallas offers both.

Here are some tips you need to remember if you want to find a house or apartment in Dallas TX:

1. Look for a nice and cozy neighborhood to match your need while living in Dallas. A family person needs to pay attention to the distance between the child’s school and their work. If you are a student try to live as close to the university and find a job near.

2. Landlords. Always look for nice people. Cause they will consider your situation and will care about the property.

3. Show them your work permit and identification before renting and read the documents carefully.

4. Public transportation fares are also to be considered to live in the Dallas area.

5. Try to save on the amenity bills to reduce the cost of living. This will help you to save money and cut down the rent budget.

6. This one is for students. Try and find roommates. This will cost less in Texas. A single apartment can obviously be a great choice but the rent will be higher than a shared three-bedroom apartment.

7. Compare the rents and bills to different areas. Some areas are costly and some are affordable and nice. Try and avoid the busy districts. There is where all the work happens and the landmark is will cost more.

8. If you are looking for accommodation within budget always make a checklist. This will show you where you can save and where you can spend a little bit more while living in Dallas Texas.

9. Three-bedroom apartments will cost more than a three-bedroom house. The cost of living increases as rye buildings charge more for security and maintenance reasons in Dallas. Studio apartments also cost more than one-bedroom apartments on the national average.

Apartment in Dallas TX

Now that you have decided about moving to Dallas. Let’s talk about your moving sources and techniques. There’s a huge possibility you’ll look for houses in Dallas from different websites and agencies.

Dallas apartment locator will ensure that you have found your perfect place with just a search in Dallas. They will show all the important features of your future apartment and will connect you with a realtor agent in Dallas Texas. You just have to fill up a simple form to contact them or just hit the live chat. Finding will be so easy this way in Dallas while minimizing the cost of living.

Now that you have your place, time to move. There are several ways to move from city to city or from a state to another.

Here I’m naming a few possibilities of moving and living in Dallas:

Renting trucks:

Almost everyone in Dallas Texas has these trucks. So you can easily rent one from an agency or local and move to your place. Some of the agencies also include storage systems and packing systems.


Pods are available all over Texas and they let you pack your own parcel and place them how you want them to be. They’ll take the pod full of your utensils and store them at storage. They’ll have your pod in your new location and later it will be removed.


Buses might not be the safest way to move parcels but it is one of the cheapest ways to move in Dallas Texas. Try to ignore fragile items.

Moving agencies:

This is the most common type of moving in Dallas. They offer a truck with people to help you in packaging and moving. They’ll cost more but it is more sufficient. They do not do the heavy lifting.

There are several moving agencies in Dallas Texas. They all have different features and easy for you to reach out to them. They are all website based so easy for you to choose your best buy.

AM moving company:

They are a local service provider in Dallas. They’ll help you to pack all of your parcels and will help you to merge them in their truck. They do all the heavy lifting. They’ll connect and place all the necessary equipment so if you want while moving to Dallas.

Einstein moving co:

You’ll get an instant quote from them and they’ll provide an estimate of how much the whole situation will cost. There are different types of moving criteria like apartments, houses, offices, etc. For you to specify you’re moving to Dallas. You need to fill up a form with your name and mail address and they’ll reach out.

All my sons moving and storage:

They have storage solutions for Dallas residents and mon residents. So stop worrying about your fragile furniture. They’ll include all the necessary resources in your booking and you’ll get a free quote if you just select the criteria you are moving from.

3 men movers:

They are a Texas-based moving agency and they are also located in Dallas area. To move in a different situation you need to fill up a form requiring name, mail address, phone number, etc.

Dallas Texas

Black tie moving:

They are a local moving agency in Dallas. They have packing and restoring options available and a form to get a free quote. They’ll give you a 24/7 moving service so you might get the moving done in a day.


They have different kinds of features available on their website while moving to Dallas. They’ll give a perfect figure for your move and has an adjustable schedule matched to yours. They are also a local company. A form will get you a free quote.

Wildcat movers:

This is also a highly-rated local moving company in Dallas. They have both commercial and residential moving positions. All the movers are licensed and experienced. You get a free quote here as well. They also have a live chat option available.

Firefighting’s finest moving and storage:

They are friendly and professional movers based in Texas Dallas. They got storage and mover services. They’ll pack all your things for you and all you have to do is find out your rate.

Green van lines:

They also offer a free quote. They work with locals, long distances, and storage systems. They have different packing and unpacking services. The movers are all experienced and the finest to work with.

Now you are all set to moving to Dallas and sorted. The Dallas area will definitely treat you right and if you are there for just the weekend make sure you pay a visit to all of the historic districts.

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