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The River House in San Antonio tx is situated right by the San Antonio River. The view of the river offering the ultimate novelty as the river is quite close to the 4 story apartment building. A majestic view surrounds the premises.

The River House apartments are one of the best residential buildings in downtown San Antonio. Well-furnished apartments with every modern amenities and utility will give you the ultimate experience of a blissful stay near the river and in the center of the city. The River House apartment is actually in the center of the magnificent city of San Antonio Texas. Living in Texas can be a statement of very humid and warm weather with scorching sun. But this particular location at 122 Roy Smith St, downtown San Antonio apartments is an absolute airy and calming place to stay and live. Besides the overall experience of the surroundings of the building, the apartment building itself is a highly organized and maintained space. A pool, terrace, fitness center, lobby, dog park on the premises is a loud “yes” if you are renting an apartment in San Antonio tx.


With all the pieces of equipment and sights, living experience at the River House apartments is very welcoming. They have all kinds of apartments available in the building with different ranges of rent and deposits. To book and sort out an apartment in the River House apartments in Texas, different real estate locators or agencies can play a vital role. They’ll arrange sources for both the renter and the rent manager. txhighrisers.com is one of most in between and versatile real estate locators in Texas. So, if you are looking to rent a place at the River House apartments in San Antonio tx, the txhighrises will definitely give you access to this blissful location.

Now that we’ve given the place an enthusiastic impression let’s get down to the details of the River House apartments in San Antonio tx. The building is a four-story building with 261 units. The zip code is 78215. The place is just near the San Antonio River and the San Antonio Museum of Art. With the San Antonio museum and Pearl Brewery, this part of the town is known as Museum Reach among the locals. Thus one of the most visited areas in the city of San Antonio.

Location and surrounding areas around the River House apartments in San Antonio tx:

The River House is situated just beside the river and such placement offers the ultimate view from the top of the building, is quite impressive with the river and its surrounding area. The downtown San Antonio Museum of Art is just across the river and around the block. The location is almost in the center of the city and this site of the waterway has improvement projects with hiking, paddling, rowing, etc. Thus making it a recreation spot for the locals and tourists. Thus there are all sorts of hotels, restaurants, parks, shops, and malls surrounding 122 Roy Smith St, San Antonio, Tx.


There are different source of restaurants with dine-in, takeaway, and delivery options available. Here are the most popular ones:

  • The Shiro Japanese Bistro is a great Japanese restaurant with sushi, atmosphere, and service.
  • Bourbon Street Seafood Kitchen Downtown had to be the next one. It is famous for its mouthwatering delicacies consists of shrimps, catfish, and oysters.
  • Guillermo’s is the burger place with all the fast foods near River House apartments.
  • Back Unterned Brewing co. Is a beer and pizza place. Oh, they have free beer nights in downtown San Antonio, Tx.
  • Ocho is a riverside place and lounge, famous for its mojitos.
  • If you are looking for upscape American-style menu then Restaurant Gwendolyn should be on top of your list.
  • Landry’s Seafood House is a seafood and steak place that locals love.
  • Rebelle is an American interior place with cocktails, meat, and seafood.
  • Last but not the least Dorrego’s, a restaurant with Argentine cuisine and wine.

There are several parks and recreational outdoors near the river house apartment San Antonio. Here are the list of the most popular once with amazing convenience and views:

  • Maverick Park is one of the closest parks to the River House apartments at 122 Roy Smith st. This is specially designed for community events.
  • The Madison Square Dog Park with fountains for dogs and sheds and seats.
  • The Travis Park is in the Downtown Square for events and cafes.
  • The San Antonio River Walk is one of the most classic places with bridges, sidewalks, bars and restaurants, and a severe tourist attraction.
  • The Hemisfair is also a Classic name for several fountains, the Tower of America, and a playground.
  • San Pedro Creek Culture Park is a great place for walking your pets and relaxing.
  • Milam Park is a recreational park for children with different play areas and Gazebos. There are also exercise centers available in this park.

Pearl Brewery is the closest complex to 122 Roy Smith St, San Antonio, tx. This is a place with a farmers market, shopping complex, dining, and event spaces. A perfect place to enjoy coffee or beer. Houston Street is the local shopping mall with several dining, drink, and coffee space. The south bank is also a complex such as Brewery with restaurants and bars. Shops at Rivercenter is a shopping mall in riverwalk with stores, restaurants, cinema theatres, and hotels.


Schools and colleges:

The San Antonio college and The Alamo College are quite close to the River House apartments. There are several high schools and middle schools like Central Catholic High School, Providence Catholic School, Milam School, etc. just miles away from the location.


There are several museums in the area of the River House apartments in Texas. The area is famously known as museum reach as it’s too close to the San Antonio Museum of Arts. Besides that, there is San Antonio Fire Museum and Briscoe Western Art Museum. The Guinness World Records Museum and the Tower of America are also situated in this area. The Mexican Cultural Institute is also in this zone of the city.

Bars and pubs:

There are several bars and pubs situated in this area of San Antonio. The closest one is Elsewhere Garden Bar and Kitchen two minutes away from the building. And the most popular one would be Mad Dogs British Pub River Walk which is all around the river walk of San Antonio and very close to the River House apartments. Here are the name of few other pubs near river house apartment area:

  • The Boxcar Pub is 1.2 kilometers away from the River House apartments.
  • Sparky’s pub and Down On Greyson are also close to the River House apartments.
  • Texas T Pub
  • The Local Bar
  • Thirty Aztec
  • The Esquire Tavern
  • The Drink Texas Bar


There are about five-star bucks near the River House apartments. The closest one is about 1.7 kilometers away and with a walking distance of four minutes. Not a big fan of Star Bucks? Don’t worry. Here are few more for those who can’t get the day started without Coffee:

  • Espada Coffee (the closest cafe from the river house apartment facility).
  • Rosella Coffee and wine (has expresso, beer, and wine all served at the same place).
  • Niche coffee company
  • Oasis Mexican Cafe
  • Revolution cafe
  • The River’s Edge cafe
  • Lula’ Mexican Cafe
  • Commonwealth coffee house and bakery
  • Street-level cafe
  • Kapej
Markets and shops:

The Pearl Farmers Market is closest to the River House apartments. The Fairweather Flea is also close to the apartment building. San Antonio Farmer’s market is just around the block and about 9 minutes away from the River House apartments. The market at Crosby is about 2.9 kilometers far from the River House.


There are about four medical hospitals near the River House apartments. The Methodist Hospital Metropolitan is the closest one. It is about 2.1 kilometers far and 17 minutes walking distance from the River House apartments. The next one is Kindred Hospital San Antonio Central. It is about 2.3 kilometers far with a distance of 8 minutes by car. Baptist Medical Centre 1.9 kilometers far from the River House Apartments and 6 min via car. The Santa Rosa Hospital is about 9 minutes away with a 3.0 kilometers distance.

Police stations:

The nearest station from River House is the 9th Street Police Units, a distance of 1.0 kilometers, 4 min in a car. San Antonio Police Department is 10 min far with 4.2 kilometers far from the apartment building. The Lone Oak Police Department is about 4.3 kilometers from the location. The San Antonio Park Police Headquarters is 4.8 kilometers with 12 minutes far from the River House Apartments in San Antonio tx. Alamo Colleges Police Substation is about 8 minutes far from the River House and about 2.7 kilometers far via car.

This might be the highlight of this location, but there are markets and shops all over this place. Being the semi-crowded epicenter of San Antonio Tx, the River House apartments has every shop or dining lounge is in walking distance.

Now that we described the location of the River House in downtown San Antonio apartments, let’s get to the living space inside the building. This four-story building consists of almost 261 units with one, two, and three bedrooms. The unit size starts with five hundred and twenty sever sq. Ft. And highest will be one thousand and four hundred sq. Ft. Depending on the size of the units the rent also varies. There are also several amenities included in this place.

River House apartment tx

Floor plan of River House apartment:


The 1-bed-1 bath apartments will start the floor plan with the size of six hundred and twenty-six sq. Ft. To a bit more than a thousand sq. Ft. An open kitchen with dining area. A living room. And a bedroom with an attached bathroom and walk-in closets. The apartments have washer and dryer connections with granite counters. All the pieces of equipment are also installed and made of stainless steel. The bathroom has a bathtub and sinks with a separate showering area.

Some of the apartments include a patio and desks. With the smallest sq. Ft. the rent will start from fifteen hundred dollars and the larger one will cost about two thousand dollars a month. An apartment with nine hundred sq. Ft. will cost about eighteen hundred dollars a month.

Now let’s give you an insight into the one-bedroom apartment in River House apartments. With the main entrance, you’ll pass the dining room. The open kitchen is on the right side of the dining room. Then there is the drawing-room in front of the dining. You can easily set a couch and tv station in there. The balcony or patio is just across the hall.

On the left side of the drawing-room is the bedroom. There’s a window on the right side of the bed facing the river or the roads. The bathroom is on the left side of the bedroom. There are washer and dryer connections on the right and a walk-in closet on the left side of the bathroom entrance. There’s a bathtub across the bathroom. A sink of ceramic and commode is on the right side of the bathroom.


For a two-bedroom with two bathroom apartments, the sq. Ft. area will start from a thousand sq. Ft. To fourteen hundred sq. Ft. Areas. Keeping pace with the sq. Ft. areas the rent also varies. For the thousand sq. Ft. The rent will be two thousand dollars and the rent will be two thousand six hundred dollars for the fourteen hundred sq. Ft. With a fourteen hundred sq. Ft. Area, the rent can be almost two thousand and three hundred dollars a month.

Each of the bedrooms has attached bathrooms and walk-in closets. In between the rooms, there is an open kitchen with a dining area in the floor plan. The living room is also right beside the dining area. Some of the apartments have attached balconies with them. The washer and dryer connections are included. Each of the bathrooms has a bathtub and dual sink in it.

Now let’s picture the two-bedroom apartment. The entrance has a dining room and has the right side of the dining room. The kitchen is open. The drawing room is right across from the dining room. The drawing room is well furnished and has a couch and TV station. There’s also a window across the hall. Two of the bedrooms are on either side of the dining room.

Each of the bedrooms has attached bathrooms and walk-in closets. The left side bedroom has washer and dryer connections in the bathroom. The bathtub is right across from the bathrooms. The right side of the bedroom has a bigger walk-in closet. There’s also a ceramic sink.


Now, these are the big ones in the building. The floor spacing is quite large. Two of the bedrooms have attached bathrooms and large walk-in closets. A spacious dining and drawing room with an open kitchen. There is also a private balcony with a view of the river or the San Antonio Museum of Arts. They also include amenities like a bathtub and a built washer and dryer.

Now let’s picture the apartment settings. The apartment entrance is in the middle of the apartment. The kitchen is on the left side of the kitchen. And there is the dining in front of the kitchen. The couch is just across the hall. There’s also a balcony in front of the drawing-room. There’s a bedroom on the left side of the apartment. It has a small bathroom side of it.

Two of the bedrooms are on the right side of the apartment. There are washer and dryer connections in one of the bathrooms. But both the bedrooms are quite identical to each other. They both have walk-in closets and bathtubs and ceramic sinks. The apartment is quite spacious and the rooms bigger in size.

If you are finding difficulty in finding the best apartments, you can take the services of our San Antonio tx Apartment Locators because they are the best guides for you.

Special Features of San Antonio, tx River House Apartments

The Features of the apartment matter a lot, whenever the concern is to select the apartment for your residence. While choosing the apartments at the River House, you don’t need to conscious or worried because their apartments are fully facilitated. They care for the residence and try to facilitate them to an extent. At these apartments, you will get demanded services and definitely, you will be inspired by their staff cooperation. They trained their staff to tackle your needs most conveniently. They will always be ready to help out. Let us move forward with the discussion of why choosing these apartments is the best choice.

Their Rooms Are Wider

Today the River House apartments are just perfect to take because they are fully facilitated. Their rooms are wider. They are spacious in which someone can easily survive. Someone can spend his time with ease. These rooms contain furnished furniture to easily spend the night there. You can have a comfortable stay with your family.

Bathroom facilities:

The bathrooms in the apartment have tubs with separate shower in them. The bathroom has ceramic tiles matching with the sink. The bathroom has attached walk-in closets with racks for clothes. You can put a vanity desk if you want. The equipment can be customized to your needs.

Drawing room settings:

Drawing room with sofas and tea tables. There can also be an attached balcony facing the river or the road view. The drawing room can also be customized. The 3 bedroom apartments have a larger space for dining rooms with more place to spare. All the drawing rooms have plank flooring.

Dining and kitchen:

Most of the dining area and the kitchen is on the same side of the apartment. kitchens have an open concept with ovens and sink and wooden countertops. There is also a refrigerator and microwave included.

Lobby area:

The lobby area is on the first floor of the building. Has huge settings of couches with a view of the surroundings. There is also an LED TV placed in the lobby. The place is maintained with a bunch of stuff and a concierge. They also provide security services for the River House apartments in San Antonio tx.

Rooms Are Well-Furnished & Fully Decorated:

This platform offers you the best packages for renting an apartment. At affordable rates, you will get the apartments of your dream. Rooms in between look due to the perfect ceiling. Rooms are painted and are equipped with fully decorated furniture to enhance its outlook. Moreover, they also give you the choice to customize your rooms or furniture according to your demands. They arrange fully private spaces where someone will feel comfortable staying. Along with the rooms, you will get an attached bathroom and a separate dressing room. Outside the apartment, you will find the lawns to have an enjoyable time.

Amenities to Enjoy At River House Apartments

These apartments offer great apartment and community amenities to the residence that can convince them to must choose these apartments over other options available to them.

The Yoga Studio

There is no need to go outside. Their yoga studio is full of breezy spaces where you can inhale the fresh air and continue your yoga. They will provide special yoga lessons for your ease. Don’t miss the chance to join this yoga studio if you wish to keep your lifestyle healthy by following their instructions.

River House Apartments’ Swimming Pool

River House Apartments’ Swimming Pool

If you love to enjoy the sunrise or the sunset at the pool, these apartments will give you the best experience. You can have leisure time with your family member and can enjoy different beautiful natural scenes there. This pool is just the perfect place to relax along with your family. You can have a long walk along with your children. Visiting this pool can give you the best experience. Spend your long day there. Enjoy the cool breeze behind the hills and enjoy the beautiful scenery over here.

The Natural Garden

The apartments of the river house contain natural parks and gardens. You can have a beautiful look at this garden from the terrace of your apartment. Don’t miss the chance to have an enjoyable time in this lush forest. This garden is full of beautiful plants that will attract you. Its tiny orchard with the beautiful plants of fruit trees will inspire you. Its fruits and vegetable plants are too attractive and give the perfect look to the garden. People who love nature, taking such apartments will be his best decision. Take your cup of tea, a book and enjoy your day at the bank of the river near the park.


There is a rooftop terrace with a view of the river. This is used for community services in the building. There are also seating areas for you to enjoy a cup of coffee overviewing the sight of the river. Also to enjoy the breeze coming from the river. The river walk area can also be seen from this place. So if you want to explore the river walk with a bike or a walk, this is easily accessible.

Parking areas:

There are multiple types of parking areas available in the River House apartments. Thus space is optimized. Through this system, the cars are moved up-down for parking. River House apartments have 5 levels of the parking area. The cost of parking will start from fifty dollars to one hundred and fifty dollars a month.

The art-fitness center in River House:

A huge place with a private art-fitness center that features different types of equipment including cardio, treadmills, exercise bikes, etc. Are placed here. So the place is fully functional. There is a view of the place from the gym.


For the storage system, they have 24/7 accessible lockers, for individuals staying in the building. This is situated at the front of the entrance. The storage fee will be thirty-five dollars a month.

Pet policies in the apartment:

You can have up to two pets in your place. Only dogs and cats are allowed. You have to pay a specific amount of money to keep pets. Monthly pet rent can be up to fifteen dollars a month. For each pet, you have to deposit up to five hundred and fifty dollars at once. There is also a leash dog park available in the apartment building.

So after all this description, let us assume you are renting and staying in the River House apartments in San Antonio tx. You will witness an absolute thrill with your stay and management. But if you are still not convinced, why should you rent an apartment in River House apartments in San Antonio tx, let’s specify the reasons.


The reasons why you should rent an apartment in River House Apartments:

1. The river. You’ll get the scenic beauty and the fresh air from the San Antonio tx 78215 rivers every day. Even if it’s scorching hot and humid, if you open your bay window s or balcony door, you can enjoy the freshness of the sight, making the urban landscape turning into nature.

2. 122 Roy Smith St. In San Antonio tx is a very commercial area. This has a lot of important places in the city surrounding it. Like the museums and the universities and the restaurants. So if you work in any of these places, with the perfect rental, you will get a perfect place for you to stay. And if you are moving to San Antonio tx for any reason, and actually want to enjoy the city. This will be your favorite place to explore and roam around. Living here will follow.

3. For recreational purposes, nearby places of the River House apartments will always hold an upper hand. They have all sorts of things parks and most importantly the river walk near it. The river walk is famous for its hiking, cycling, etc. This side of the river also has importance with boating, paddling, etc. activities.

4. Now let’s jump to the malls and shops around the River House apartments. Pearl Brewery is a close one to the apartment in San Antonio tx 78215. They have different restaurants, coffee places, and farmers’ markets. So if you want to make dinner, or do not want to make dinner, you got both options available.

5. To the apartment building right now. There are several amenities and utilities available in the apartment building. The pool, the gym, the garden, the rooftop, the patio, the yoga center more and more. With all the amenities you’ll get a perfect packed community service inside the building premises. All of these amenities will serve you right with lower costs. For example you don’t have to pay for your gym. Gyms can cost a lot in the United States. So, an in-built gym in your apartment building will save you an amount as well as a transportation fare.

6. There are several ways of traveling from River House apartments. Cycling, subways, or bus. You can travel either way. The nearest bus stop N. St. Mary’s and Jones is almost a kilometer away and a ten minutes’ walk from the River House. N. St. Mary’s and Elmira is a walk of nine minutes. N. St. Mary’s and Dallas is a walk of thirteen minutes from the River House apartments. N. St. Mary’s Opposite Central Cath is farthest with a thirteen minutes’ walk and about 1.1 kilometers away from the River House. Besides you can use your own vehicle for transportation. Valero, Shell, Circle K, and Exxon are one of the closest gas stations near the River House apartments in San Antonio tx 78215.

7. The furnishing of the apartments is quite practical and efficient. You can get a customized outlook for your apartment as well. So with the interior decor of your own, the place will look a lot like your personality. The floors are all furnished and have all the necessary pieces of equipment in the kitchen and bathroom.

8. The whole place has high-speed internet and an air conditioning system. Thus making it a very effective place for your work from home. With the outdoor common patio, each of the apartments has its own private patio.

9. For a clubhouse system, you have an outdoor grilling system. You will also get an electric car charging facility within the River House apartment building.

10. With 265 units, every apartment has different sorts of views from their apartments. Some face the river, some the museum, and some the roads of San Antonio tx. The outdoor gardens and rooftop sheds will face the river. Because the river is close to the building. There will be less noise and more river-breeze.

Now that you know almost everything about the River House apartments in San Antonio tx, let’s talk about the ways to look for the right apartment in your reach. The River House apartments can be booked by different real estate locators. But txhighrisers.com is conveniently a better one to book your apartment.

What Is More To Offer?

These apartments are full of facilities and amenities. Locate the best apartments using the SAN ANTONIO TX APARTMENT LOCATORS and get ready to live in the apartment of your dreams. Let us inform you what is more to offer here:

  • Stainless-steel appliances
  • Ceramic tile in bathroom
  • Natural-Look Plank Flooring
  • Package Lockers with 24 Hour Access
  • Storage Spaces
  • Washer/ dryer
  • Wireless Internet in Common Areas
  • Balcony to give a wider look to the apartment
  • Outdoor Pergola with River Views

River House apartments in San Antonio tx

Of course! All these services are enough to choose these apartments.

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We appoint and locate apartments in the four big cities in Texas. We have a live chat option available. You can type the city you’re looking for and it’ll show you different offers and will guide you throughout your renting process for the River House apartments in San Antonio tx.

To rent an apartment in River House apartments in San Antonio tx, you have to Fill out an apartment locator form. This will include your name, email address and phone number, the city you wanna move to, and the best deal option. After submitting the form you’ll get access to the best of the apartments in that building.

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Why choose txhighrisers.com?

They’ll ensure that none of the documents you submit or receive are invalid and will assign you a real estate agent, to help you with scoring an apartment in Texas. Thus you’ll get your perfect place in River House apartments through txhighrisers.com. They’ll also help you to move to your new apartment. The txhighrisers place young locals with professional field experience to find you the perfect apartments or houses in your city. We won’t charge you a penny to help you find your place At River House.

Some of the necessary items you need to rent an apartment in River House apartments in San Antonio tx:

1. To rent an apartment in the River House apartments, you will need to provide information on your pay tabs. This will verify that you are eligible as a renter.

2. You will definitely need your identification card. Like a driver’s license or a passport. If you are from another country you would need to show the entrance visa and work or education permits

3. To rent an apartment you might also need your bank statement. This will ensure that your apartment agreements are strong and valid.

4. You will need recommendations from a property manager or your previous landlord. This will give you a clean slate to rent the apartment in River House. The River House apartments are quite community-based. So they will definitely appreciate a recommendation letter.

5. If you are paying for parking, you will need the car registration and insurance papers to secure your documents. This is very essential as well as the driving license in the documentation. They will give you a clear check with these papers.

6. Rental history is another document that you might need to submit to secure an apartment in River House. Though it will include the recommendation letters. But a well-secured history will improve your documents legitimization.

7. A List of references will be given to you. You need both personal and professional references to secure an apartment. For personal reference, you can include parents or spouse and for professional reference, your senior at the office can be a good one. College professors will also make a good reference if you are a student.

8. Job history is another important item to have. This will ensure that you have a stable source of income.

9. If you have a pet you need to put that in your documentation. Pets under 84 lbs are allowed in River House apartments. Thus it is necessary to give a deposit for pets and all the necessary information including that pet.

10. A checkbook is important to validate the documents. It’ll be important if you are paying in advance and if the payments are refundable. They will refunded once you give them an apartment without damage.

11. The social security number is an important factor for renters in the United States of America. The apartment managers of the River House apartments will do the background check of credit and status with this particular number.

River House Apartments in San Antonio, tx is one of the most beautiful sighted apartment buildings in the area with different kinds of amenities and utilities. The apartments have views of the San Antonio River or The San Antonio Museum of Arts. Thus there is so much scenery and space with the perfect place to live and enjoy the city.

txhighrisers.com is one of the best real estate locators in Texas. They have all kinds of advantages with the security of your rent and documents to rent an apartment in River House Apartments. Thus making things easier and sort out your renting and leasing systems in San Antonio, Texas.

Asking help from TXHighRisers.com’s SAN ANTONIO APARTMENT LOCATORS is the best option for you if you are seeking the best apartments. This is the fact when you will find the number of options, you may get confused, in such a scenario, and these locators can help you to find the apartment according to your demands. River House has an aim to facilitate the residents. Here, you will find comfortable neighbors with whom you can enjoy a lot. These apartments, provide such views to the residents that can appeal to you. You can take a cup of tea and can enjoy the sunsets with your neighborhood outside the apartment.