Why Settle In Austin, TX?

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Austin TX

Introduction to:

Austin, Texas

Austin is the capital of Texas which is one of the largest states in the US. Austin is located in the south of Texas, about 190 miles or 300Km in the south of Dallas and 160 miles north of Houston. The Mexican border is only 220 miles away to the east. This is an enormous city around 690 to 700 square km in size, with a large community of Hispanic ex-pats.

English is the official language but Spanish is universally spoken. Austin is known as the city which keeps making headlines. Austin, Texas is popular for its vibrant and good cultural personality. It is a home or soul for the University of Texas. Austin is known as the third-largest city of Texan with a bog population of about 2.25 million.

Due to its environment and budget friendly apartment rental options,Austin has attracted a lot of crowd from other states in last few years. Below are some reasons why people prefer Austin as their home. Austin area is rich with gorgeous hill country scenes or views in Texas. Moreover, the school districts around Austin are considered the best in Texas.

This is a friendly city and the crime rate here is very low. A city of good schools and less expensive properties. It is said to be the safest city in America. Austin is popular with retirees, hardworking students, and professionals as well. Austin has everything a person may need. You must have information about government rules and regulations, life insurance, visa, and travel restrictions before moving to Austin. You will discover an amazing lifestyle with attractions there. Austin is voted as the best place to live in America for the third year in a row.

Are you moving to Austin, TX?

If you are also moving to Austin, Texas, then that’s a good decision. Austin is the most spirited and energetic city in America. This vibrant city is famous for its musical environment and café culture and exceeding reputation. No wonder that many people have the desire to move/ settle or have a tour of this amazing place. Are you among those people? If yes, then get prepared for the move and search for the property through an apartment locator site in Austin, Texas. Here are some salient features of living in Austin, Texas.

Pros of living in Austin

Climate In Austin, Texas

When you have decided to move toward Austin, you must have sunscreen because the climate there is too hot and not good for your skin. Temperature Is about 90 to 95°F year-round. Some citizens fight with this heat but many of them enjoy hitting the beach. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen daily, not just in hot weather.

Austin has a sticky and airless climate. You may not grasp that you are exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays. Get more and more information and tips from the locals and enjoy the weather with iced tea. You would love the atmosphere of Austin. Mostly it has sunny weather year-round.

why settle in austin tx

Extending Job Market

When moving to a new place to live, the common problem of every person is to find a good job. Austin, Texan, has a growing job market. Hundreds of jobs are offered daily in Austin, Texas. If you live in Austin, Texas, you are likely to get a good job with just a little effort. You must earn an average 94,455$ in a year to live comfortably in Austin, Texas. Hence, continuously extending the job market is the main reason why people are moving to Austin, Texas. Everyone knows that Austin is a hotbed for inventions, technology, and business start-ups.

Austin is also referred to as “Silicon Hills” because Austin is craving hubs of tech startups and well-known tech companies. Therefore, settling in Austin would be helpful if you have a tech career. A few tech facts of the Austin, Texas are:

  • SXSW tech festival
  • Facebook, Google, and Dell headquarters
  • CEO ranking as the top place for entrepreneurs
  • the best hub of tech startups

Other than Tech jobs, Austin has job opportunities in other fields such as healthcare, entertainment, engineering, government, education, and business. Due to the continuous increment in Austin’s jobs world, it is listed as the 5th most growing city in the entire nation. In case of popularity and experience, Austin has rapid growth. Moreover, Austin won the top place as the best state for the study of female entrepreneurs.

The small cost of living

Higher salary and low-cost of living expenses lead to a prosperous life. You can get a good salary from the job you desire in Austin, Texas. Still with the handsome amount of salary you would need to spend low income on food and housing expenses. That’s why young professionals are moving to Austin from big cities such as San Diego, San Francisco, San Antonio, and CA.

Public transportation pass is for just 60$, while the average rent for 1-bedroom is about 1,068$. With an average income of 74860$, low-cost food, and no state income tax, you can easily save a massive amount of income. Local Facilities are also not expensive. Due to these reasons, people are likely to live in Austin.

Contrasting Neighborhood

Other than low-cost living, a safe and desirable place to live is also an important part of life. Anyone can find an apartment or home according to their preferences and budget in Austin, Texas. You have various options for choosing a neighborhood. From dazzling downtown Austin in the center of Austin to the East Austin, South Austin, North Austin, North West Austin, and West Austin, you can find a perfect neighborhood and apartment for yourself. You can also visit other cities such as Dallas and Houston in the holidays as they are located around Austin. Moreover, Austinites are really good to one another. You would live a comfortable life in Austin, Texas. Although Austin is voted as one of the worst traffic cities, still, there is a relief due to public transportation.

Here is a brief guide of popular and vibrant neighborhoods in Austin:

1.Downtown Austin

Downtown is the soul of Austin’s vibrant entertainment and dining culture. As downtown is the center of Austin, so you can avail all the facilities here. Here, you can easily find upscale condos and perfect apartments to live in. It’s a vibrant and lively area year-round. Downtown is the most vibrant and colorful neighborhood to live in Austin. You can enjoy every local facility within walking distance of Downtown.

2.West Austin

West Austin is a well-heeled and prosperous area in Austin. Mainly, it is located in the countryside area of Austin. It has an abundance of a greenery, which makes its environment more satisfying and enjoyable. The marvelous rolling hills are best for hiking around Austin. This area of Austin consists of golf clubs, great schools, Hill country lake, and beautiful homes, where you can enjoy your lives with your family. You would fall in love with greenery here. It also has two lakes: Lake Travis and Lake Austin. Here rents are higher than average Austin’s rent rates.

3.East Austin

East Austin is a perfect place for history and culture lovers. Recently this area is converted into a dazzling hipster and historic culture. East Austin area is popular for its art, history, and vibrant environment. It is one of the city’s fast-growing and emerging areas. Its growth is not only in the career market but its restaurants, food trucks, music venues, art scene, local fashion, and quality of life is also appealing for human nature.

4.South Austin

If you want to live close to the beating heart of Austin, then you can choose South Austin as your neighborhood. It consists of both small ranch homes and modern unique homes for young ones. Across the Colorado River, there is a variety of restaurants, food trucks, entertainment places, and live music festivals. South Congress and Lady Bird Lake of this neighborhood are also popular in Austinites.

5.South Congress

South Congress is also known as SoCo is also a vibrant and influential neighborhood. You can enjoy fabulous restaurants, cool bars, live music, funky shops, local snack bars, a beautiful lake, and chic shops around town. You can also discover Austin’s hike and bike in central Texas. SoCo street boasts Continental club.

Live Music Capital of the World

Austin, TX is referred to as the “Live Music Capital of the World”. To bring a vibrant and fun atmosphere it has a never-ending stream of live music festivals and shows. If you love music, then quickly move to Austin to enjoy live music on daily basis. Austin has all kinds of music such as hip hop, flock, country, blues, and rock. It has the fastest-growing music industry. It has various music providing places such as the annual music festival, Saxon Pub, Moody Theater, Empire Control room, and many more. Austin is a well-known place for the vibrant live music scene in the state of Texas. It is full of local talents.

why settle in austin tx

Food Scene

Austin area has a delicious food scene and places. Music is not the only specialty of Austin, it also offers exceptional and vibrant food places around town. With such a foodie scene, the city’s delicious local food can become apart of your daily life. You can enjoy a wide cuisine in Austin, Texas. Here is a guide for popular food places in the Austin area:

  • Cheese Steaks
  • Barbecue
  • Uchi (Sushi restaurants)
  • food trucks
  • Japanese restaurants
  • lovely desserts
  • and many more

Live in Austin to get delicious mouth-watering food every day. With so many local food places, Austin is still one of the fittest cities in Texas.

Austin Arts

Art is a part of Austin’s creative soul. It’s not just a tourist attraction, nevertheless, austinites love art culture. Austin is a center of world-class museums such as :

  • Blanton
  • Harry Ransom Center
  • First Photograph and Gutenberg Bible
  • nation’s largest University-owned collection on exhibit

Austin has plenty of artists and young professionals. You can explore various sculptors, street art, painters, dancers, musicians, photographers, and many more professionals here. Austin’s people can guide you more about the art culture.

Health and fitness culture

Due to Austin’s beautiful weather, it has an outdoor Fitness and Exercises culture. Therefore, Austin’s population is the healthiest in Texas. Austin has almost 220 parks, 250 gyms, 30 swimming pools, and numerous walking and hiking areas within Austin city limits. You can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, running, boating, swimming, and many more within Austin city limits. With so many facilities, Austin still feels like a small town. Thus, Austin is the fittest city in America.

Entertainment Places

Austin provides various entertainment and fun places. Some of these are explained below. Zilker Park is one of the most-loved parks in Austin. Zilker Park is a soul for various recreation opportunities, facilities, and special events. This metropolitan park is for both individuals and families.

Barton Springs is another fun place in Austin. Barton Springs is located at Barton Creek on the grounds of Zilker Park. It is a set of four natural water springs. It is a great place for a family picnic. Lady Bird Lake is also worth seeing the place. It is a river-like place near the Colorado River. It draws a partition between south and north Austin.

Rainey Street is also a well-known entertainment place. It is located in the southeast corner of downtown Austin. It is a street of various historic homes. The most important entertainment provider is South By Southwest (SXSW). It is one of the world’s premier events showing music film and interactive media.

why settle in austin tx

Cons of living in Austin

Every place has a few pros and cons. The advantages or pros of settling in Austin have been explained above. Austin also has some drawbacks which are listed below:

1.Hot & Fuggy Weather

As Austin is known for hot and long summers and short winters, therefore its weather mostly remains hot. The continuous heat and humidity results in high usage of air conditioners in Austin. Whether you are at home or driving or on an outing, your body always requires an air conditioner due to the fuggy climate. If you love hot and long summers, then Austin and you are made for each other. But if you immigrate from a cold place to Austin, you may need some time to get adjusted to the atmosphere. Thus, Austin’s hot and humid weather can be counted as its drawback. You can energize yourself by exploring springs, cinemas, and local lakes.

2.College Ambiance

As the population in Austin is much higher, so you need to adjust yourself with an abundance of students completing their college degrees in Austin. A large number of students from different cities flock towards Austin to complete their secondary education. So many students can lead to certain challenges in job competition. Hence, this also becomes a drawback.

3.Heavy Traffic

Traffic is such a hectic issue that cannot be fixed by the residents themselves. Thus, traffic is an external source of frustration in Austin. You should prepare yourself for constant headaches and frustration due to traffic while moving towards Austin. You must find a place near to your workplace to get rid of morning traffic. Otherwise, you may experience double or possibly triple traveling time, while driving towards your workplace. Austin’s traffic is similar to other big cities like San Francisco, New York, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

These are just a few major cons. You may explore more after moving there. Other than the cons it also has various advantages. So, you may adjust with its defects to get benefits from its advantages or pros.

Searching Residence In Austin

Before moving towards Austin, it is nice to see the local property market. Take information from citizens while choosing a flat because some areas are better than others. You should take an apartment near your school or working place. Many people frequently rent properties here, if your residence is temporary, this is the best thing you can avail yourself of. The appearance of international airports in this energetic city means that there are hotels for every single budget and they are mostly used b people while they are searching for a permanent flat or apartment. Sites like TX High Risers are always there to help you.

You need a professional you can trust

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Search Online!

The easiest way is to use the internet. Just explore and get the apartments of your choice in the town. Here you can also search by distance and number of rooms in apartments. On the website, you will also see pictures of bedrooms and kitchen, etc. Always get full knowledge before selecting a new accommodation. Don’t get hit with extra charges such as taxes and insurance fees.