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Another luxury apartment community The Monarch Medical District Apartments is primarily located in the Medical District. It has the biggest hospitals with a high employment rate. For example:

  • The Cook Children’s Hospital
  • The Medical City
  • The Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital

Most of the people that work in the main city, consider this apartment for living as it is close to their workplace. FORT WORTH APARTMENT LOCATORS will assist you to buy your apartment in The Monarch Medical District Apartments.


It’s Location

The postal address of the Monarch medical district is 1108 7th Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76104. It is located at the heart of the city with a great neighborhood. Almost all the entertainment sources are available at walking distance included fun, food, music and all are easily available in a lot of variety. For dining and coffee, you will not need to go anywhere else because these two facilities are available in the residential block. Enjoy Avoca Coffee, Brewed Coffee Pub, delicious soups, sandwiches, and salads. The famous Starbucks is also located here. You will also get the international cuisines that included:

  • Thai
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Mexican
  • Italian
  • American cuisine

How the Location Is Perfect

It is located in Fort Worth‘s hospital district on the south side of the city. The Monarch Medical District Apartments is a deluxe apartment community with amenities abound. It is a beautiful place with its designer finishes and an outdoor pool and club. Here you can enjoy all the facilities with a high-class living style. Let’s discuss the possible facilities that you can enjoy in The Monarch Medical District Apartments.

Special Features of the Monarch Medical District Apartments

All of these special features are installed in the apartments. Let’s check them out:

Air Conditioning

Enjoy the clean and fresh air with the air conditioner system. There is no need to install the air conditioning system in the apartment. Enjoy this facility.


It is already fixed in the kitchen to providing proper cleaning and easy work. It’s a big-size dishwasher that cab saves your time and energy.

Hardwood Floors

Beautiful flooring will attract people. It has hardwood flooring with strong bonding. There is no kind of artificial or cheap material use in the apartment, especially in flooring.

Patio / Balcony

Almost all the apartments have a balcony that will give you the fresh air and beautiful sight from it. You can set with your family or enjoy yourself alone with a cup of tea. The 2 bedrooms apartments have a bigger balcony in size. They all have different sorts of views of the city. Some might face the pool and some might face the courtyard.

In-Unit Laundry

The apartments have in the unit laundry that makes laundry easy. You don’t need to go outside or anywhere else for laundry. It will make your life easy especially if you want to live with your kids and family. The 1 bed and 2 bedrooms apartments have different dryer and washer settings.


The flooring, bathroom accessories, or other decoration items may get outdated but the bathtub is the only thing that everybody wants in his house. The bathrooms are spacious enough you can relax while taking a bath in the bathtub.


Few areas of the apartment are decorated with fine and high-quality carpets that enhance the look of the place. If you don’t like the carpets, you can remove them because the client’s satisfaction is the main goal of the FORT WORTH APARTMENT LOCATORS.


Moreover, you will get almost all the necessary household goods like:

  • Ceiling Fan:
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Ice Maker
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Range
  • Refrigerator
  • Smoke-Free Units
  • Stainless Steel kitchen cabinets
  • Walk-In Closets

Now, we are going to discuss the amenities that FORT WORTH APARTMENT LOCATORS will tell you about.

Floor plan of Monarch Medical District Apartments:

There are three kinds of bedroom-bathroom floor plan available in these apartment buildings. Studio apartments, 1-bedroom apartments, and 2-bedroom apartments. Now let’s talk about how the apartments are set up and the detailed floor plan of these buildings.

Studio apartments:

The studio apartments are one bedroom, one bathroom, and one kitchen. But all are connected. The studio apartment in Monarch Medical District Apartments is about five hundred and fifty-six sq. Ft. Areas. It has an open kitchen, bedroom, closets, and a place secured for washer and dryer. The bathroom has a bathtub, ceramic sink, and a separate place for a shower.

Now let’s give you a clear picture of how the apartment actually looks like. The apartment’s entrance is through the kitchen. The kitchen sinks are all granite coated. The dining table is just by the kitchen. The bathroom is on the left side of the entrance.

The washer-dryer site is next to the bathroom. This is accessible through the living room. The living room has a couch and TV set. The bedroom is on the last part of the apartment. This has a walk-in closet connected to it. There’s a balcony at the end of the bedroom.


1-Bedroom and 1-bathroom:

The one-bedroom and one-bathroom apartments have a floor plan where the bedroom is separated from the kitchen and living room. The sq. Ft. Series will start from six hundred and ninety-six sq. Ft. Area.

The highest sq. Ft. Area will be eight hundred and thirty-seven sq. Ft. The six hundred sq. Ft. Areas rent will start with almost thirteen hundred dollars a month. And the eight hundred sq. Ft. Areas will cost about fifteen hundred dollars a month.

Now let’s give a detailed floor plan view. The entrance is through the open kitchen. The dining area is connected to both the kitchen and the living room both. The living room has access to the balcony. The bedroom is on the right side of the living room. There’s an attached bathroom with the bedroom. This also has a ceramic sink and a bathtub. The walk-in closets are accessible through the bathroom. There’s a separate washer and dryer room, connected to the dining area.

2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartments:

The 2 bedroom apartments are more available in the Monarch Medical District apartments. The rent of a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom apartment will start with nineteen hundred dollars a month. The highest will be twenty-two hundred dollars a month.

The sq. Ft. Area will start with eleven hundred and the highest one will be almost fourteen hundred and forty-four sq. Ft. The rent will vary with the floor planning and with the level of apartments.

Now let’s draw a picture of how a two-bedroom and bathroom apartment will look like. The kitchen is on the left side of the apartment. An open kitchen. The dining area is on the left side of the entrance and connected to the living room. The washer and dryer room is beside the kitchen. And on the front of the washer room, the master bedroom is stated. There is a walk-in closet and a master bathroom accessible through the kitchen.

The bathroom has a bathtub with a separate shower space. It has a double ceramic sink to enhance the quality of the master bath. The other bedroom is on the right side of the living room and has a closet accessible through it. The common bathroom is in front of the bedroom with a bathtub. There’s a balcony with the living room. The size of this patio balcony is larger than the one and two-bedroom ones.

The rent price varies with the size of the apartment. The pool view and courtyard view apartments will cost more than the cornered apartments. The top floor apartment unit will cost a little bit less in the Monarch Medical District Apartments.

Amenities That People Will Get At the Monarch Medical District Apartments

Here are the main amenities of Monarch medical district by FORT WORTH APARTMENT LOCATORS, let talk about them:

The Monarch Medical District Apartments’ Clubhouse

Monarch medical district has a clubhouse for socializing and other fun activities. Be a member of this club and enjoy other facilities from the club. The club room has a huge lounge couch in the apartment club. This also has a fire pit in front of the loungers. There’s an HD TV set in the club with a different dining area. There’s a view of the pool from the club. The club can be accessed through the pool.


It also provides a courtyard that you can use for bar-b-q or other outdoor activities. Moreover, it has a pet pew design that attracts pets also. The place is packed with lounge chairs and different sitting spaces. There’s a view of the city through the courtyard. And the place is fenced and has trees surrounding the place.

The Monarch Medical District Apartments Has A Dog Park

The Monarch Medical District Apartments has a dog park where your pet will get other services like washing, vaccination, and treatments, etc.


It will provide you the fast-moving from one floor to the last flooring within a few seconds.

Fire Pit

The building has an active fire alarm system and fire pit. It’s a sensitive emergency that detects the miner smog and starts showering.

The dog park

There’s a dog park for pets to play and roam around. This has multiple chair settings and a fenced wall for protection. The park is accessible to all the members of the community.

The pool

There’s a huge pool in the middle of the apartment buildings. All the community members can use this pool. There’s a sitting area all around the pool. The chaise lounges are on either side of the pool. Then there are the bistro sets. There are multiple ones on either side of the place. So you can soak up the sun and enjoy a daily meal in this place. There are some pool chairs placed on the side of the pool.

24hr Gym

Make yourself fit by using the 24 hours gym. It is located near the residents lounge of the Monarch Medical District Apartments. The fitness center is available for all apartment renters and available 24/7. The place is well equipped and well maintained. They have all the modern trade mills, rowing machines, cross trainers, upright bikes, exercise bikes, stair mills, etc. So everything you need to in a gym is available and is within your reach.

The Monarch Medical District Apartments’ Parking

In The Monarch Medical District Apartments, you will never face the parking issue but it has dedicated and long parking space.

New Construction

The FORT WORTH APARTMENT LOCATORS in Texas provide a newly constructed apartment with all the luxurious and latest amenities. It is not just enough, there are many other countless and amazing amenities available included:

  • Internet Access
  • Pet-Friendly
  • Accessible
  • 24hr Maintenance
  • Bbq/Grill
  • Coffee Bar
  • Dog Grooming Area
  • E-Payments
  • Key Fob Access
  • Pool
  • Online Portal
  • Package Receiving
  • Trash Valet

The Monarch Medical District Apartments

Are Pets Allowed Or Not In The Monarch Medical District Apartments?

Monarch medical district is a pet-friendly apartment with many facilities for your pets. It has dog grooming areas and Dog Park that will keep your dog healthy and active.

7-must known facts for renters:
  1. They need to have verified documents like their social security number or driver license
  2. You have to have your car registration and insurance available for parking and renting purposes
  3. You will need your pay stubs. this will ensure and legitimize your documents and will confirm that you can rent the apartment in the Monarch Medical District
  4. Provide your social security number for background check
  5. Attach bank statement to verify that you can pay your rent and deposit
  6. You can provide a work permit to ensure you have a job and also a recommendation later from your previous landlord. as a community-based apartment, the Monarch Medical District will give you preference because this
  7. Provide pet details, if you own a pet

The FORT WORTH APARTMENT LOCATORS have presented The Monarch Medical District Apartments with all the convincing facilities. The main attraction of this apartment is, you will find all the necessary goods and entertainment options just close to it. Raise your living level with Monarch medical district and secure your future. For further details, use our FORT WORTH APARTMENT LOCATORS at TXHighRisers.com.

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