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How to find the apartment of your dreams! The apartment hunt can be a long and arduous process, but it doesn't have to be! This blog post will help you find the apartment of your dreams in no time. Follow these eight steps to make the apartment hunting process easier for yourself. 1) Set Your Budget - It may seem like an obvious step, but how much money you want to spend is crucial when apartment hunting. Knowing how much…

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credit score

Apartments That Accept Bad Credit Apartments that accept bad credit are not always the most desired apartments available. They usually have to lower there standards to fill in vacancies. They usually have the vacancies because of bad service, maintenance issues, bugs, etc. Having bad credit is not always your fault, but you are heavily penalized in it. A lot of times having to jump from apartment application, to apartment application to try to find the place that will finally accept…

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Are Apartments Allowed? Airbnb is a versatile platform, that helps you lease your place for short-term and long term periods to make a side income. The problem with leasing at an apartment community and trying to Airbnb, is that they have lease regulations that do not permit anyone that is not on the lease to stay on the property, and if warned and the tenant does not comply with the standards placed in the lease agreement, the contract can be…

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