Which Apartments Accept Bad Credit In Dallas/Houston/Austin/San Antonio?

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Apartments That Accept Bad Credit

Apartments that accept bad credit are not always the most desired apartments available. They usually have to lower there standards to fill in vacancies. They usually have the vacancies because of bad service, maintenance issues, bugs, etc.

Having bad credit is not always your fault, but you are heavily penalized in it. A lot of times having to jump from apartment application, to apartment application to try to find the place that will finally accept you. sometimes this can cost you 1000s of dollars in fees. When you finally find one that will accept you, there will be a higher deposit the makes the complex feel comfortable with your risk of default on the lease.

Like I said before it is probably not your fault, it could of been an ex wife racking up credit on all of your cards, or maybe an unexpected medical emergency. Over time, I have heard all of the stories, and my empathy is with you, but these commercial properties will not care.

If you want the options that will accept bad credit from the start fill out this form

Wait Until Your Credit Is Built Up

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Airbnb provides great lodging without any kind of credit background check. I have seen places leased on there for up to 12 months. The utilities included, and the apartment/ house fully furnished. It is not a bad option considering you can find a decent place for as low as 700 a month. You might have to share a place with someone. but on the bright side, you are saving money, and building the credit up. Use this LINK to get up to 55 dollars off.

Start Building Without A Credit Card

Self Lender is a platform that will help you build your credit while saving money, its a great source to boost while you are chilling at your Airbnb. The main office is in Austin which makes it a great source to trust in semi-locally.

  1. Ashton from Phoenix group has also helped out many of my clients boost their credit hundreds of points. His number is 214-907-4018. Call him today, and let him know High Risers referred you for special help. He is here locally in the Dallas area.
  2. Dispute bee, are great for helping you at a good rate, online and digitally

Build While You Rent

Pick a service that will help you Grow your credit while you rent.

Cheat Code

Hire a cosigner, TX High Risers is partnered with the best co-signing company to help you get approved. Text 832-503-5866, I need a cosigner, with your name, email, and phone number, and we will have a co-signer reach out to you.