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Are Apartments Allowed?

Airbnb is a versatile platform, that helps you lease your place for short-term and long term periods to make a side income. The problem with leasing at an apartment community and trying to Airbnb, is that they have lease regulations that do not permit anyone that is not on the lease to stay on the property, and if warned and the tenant does not comply with the standards placed in the lease agreement, the contract can be terminated and the tenant can be evicted.

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Airbnb has a solution the might work. The friendly building program.

The friendly building program gives an opportunity for the property to make an exception with rentals. It promotes a new contract that your landlord and you can agree on. It helps the landlord see a side of the negotiation that can help them as well. There is also another platform called pillow.

Pillow is another syndicate that sends your listings through multiple sources. It works primarily with multi family residential. You can send a request form through pillow, for your apartment to be a pillow approved location.

It is a lot easier to list your property if you have a corporate lease. To find out more information on which apartments in the area provide corporate/furnished units go to the corporate lease form.

If you want to start the process and get your LLC today you will need to get the right forms to fill out, You can usually send them in the state yourself, I personally hire out a service to do this for me. Click Here to request more info on starting your LLC.

Request the information and our team of experts will be sure to send you the info over. We also have 5 AirBnB approved apartments in Texas. Request them today using this form.

I hope this blog has helped you understand the ins and outs of what, and what is not permitted, but more importantly where there’s a will there is a way. There is multiple ways to get the process to work for you.



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